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Hi and thanks for making your way to StomachFat.com. As you navigate our website you will quickly learn that it is our goal to help you work toward a truly worthwhile plan for getting rid of Stomach Fat.

It’s a task that many individuals have taken up. We know that because statistics show that upwards of 200,000 people search Google with the words “Stomach Fat’ each month. So don’t feel isolated in your efforts. Rather, know that you are one of many individuals who are looking for a good Stomach Fat Workout or other type of program so that you can regain your figure. And we’re here to help.

As you may already know, the fitness and wellness industry has absolutely no shortage of products for people who wish to perform Stomach Fat Burning Exercises or implement Stomach Fat Diet plans. Consider some of the major types of products we cover on our exhaustive website…
  • Many as-seen-on-TV products claim to offer the viewer/consumer a revolutionary method for reducing Stomach Fat. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these devices facilitate the very same (or very similar) Stomach Fat Workout regimens. And since some require assembly or are poorly manufactured and just about all require users to take valuable time out of their days in order to use them, consumers must consider what these kinds of Stomach Fat Burning Exercise products are really worth to them. No doubt, the television has been used to market a few worthwhile abdominal exercise products, but you and other viewers must sort through all of the options in order to try and settle on one of these few devices.
  • Along with these Stomach Fat Burning Exercise products there are countless books, e-books, and videos focused on helping people get rid of Stomach Fat. These may also promote certain Stomach Fat Workout routines, or they may offer some tips and advice on Stomach Fat Diet and eating regimens. Of course, each of these books and videos offers the insights of one or maybe two individuals and, like active workout products, each requires an investment of time, energy, and personal motivation. Surely, exercise and nutrition play important roles in reducing Stomach Fat, but many people do not have the time or patience to wade through all the media in search of a plan that works for them.
  • Full size abdominal exercise machines also represent an option for consumers like you. You could spend a huge chunk of money on such a device, but you will need to find the space to store it and the time to regularly utilize it. As with all of these other products, programs, and approaches, the busyness of life becomes an incredibly formidable obstacle.
  • When it comes to achieving one’s Stomach Fat reduction goals in a way that is both convenient and effective, a few products are making waves among consumers. Consider, for example, the many Stomach Fat Burning Exercise belts. These are often simply neoprene ab belts that hug the midsection tightly, trapping heat and causing the loss of water weight through perspiration. This may be helpful, but we should note that the loss of water weight is different than actual Stomach Fat reduction. However, there are also other devices that can actually give the body a Stomach Fat Workout without the wearer doing any sort of active exercise routine. These ab belt devices use Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS technology, a method that involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles through the means of tiny electric microcurrents. It is difficult to think of a more convenient way to reduce Stomach Fat than a belt that gives your abdomen a toning session while you go about your daily activities, yet some EMS products really can do this. It’s probably best to find an EMS belt that is FDA cleared, backed by research, and supported by good consumer policies, even if you must pay a $150 to $200 one-time purchase price for such a device.
At StomachFat.com we aim to be a truly helpful resource for visitors who are looking to sort through all of their Stomach Fat Diet and exercise options. Our product reviews, nutrition and recipe information, and exercise ideas provide just about all you need in order to become an informed individual and an informed consumer. You can, in fact, gain control over your health and your body weight, no matter how busy your life is. Use our site to its fullest capacity and be on your way to getting rid of Stomach Fat and living a healthier life!

Our Editors Choice:
TheFlexBelt - The revolutionary Flex Belt is an Electric Muscle Stimulation (or EMS) abdominal toning belt that is changing the lives of so many satisfied consumers. The clinically demonstrated Flex Belt literately stimulates all your stomach muscles, doing all the work for you. That’s right – The Flex Belt will work your Upper Abs, Lower Abs and Obliques all at the same time and you can get this complete stomach toning session while you go about your day…you can be working, cooking, doing house chores, helping the kids with their homework, watching TV, talking on the phone – virtually anywhere and anytime. If there was ever a time to be excited about a product or program in the abdominal toning industry, now is that time. The Flex Belt is the most effective, powerful and sleek EMS Ab Belt ever made. In fact it is FDA Cleared (the first of its kind to receive such clearance as a class II medical device). It has also had multiple clinical trials to prove its effectiveness and unprecedented level of convenience. In one large clinical trial, The Flex Belt had a 100% success rate which is unheard of. We encourage you to read our full review of The Flex Belt so you can see why we love this product and have chosen to feature it in our store. You will also enjoy seeing videos about the Flex Belt featuring Famous Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Olympic Champions, Medical Experts and Super Models. To some readers this all might sound too good to be true, but it most definitely is not.


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Ab Crunch on Ball
Alternating Supine Leg Walk
Basic Crunch
Bicycle Crunch
Britney Spears Ab Workout
Cable Crunch
Captain's Chair
Crossover Crunch
Front Squats with Barbell
Half Curl
Hanging Leg Raise
Long Arm Crunch
Medicine Ball Sit Ups
Mountain Climbers on Floor
Oblique Crunch
Prone Cobra
Pulse Up
Renegade Dumbbell Rows
Reverse Crunch
Seated Oblique Twists with Medicine Ball
Side Bends
Supine Reverse Crunches
Sylvester Stallone's Ab Workout
Vertical Leg Crunch
Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball

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