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Ab Energizer
Review Summary
When you see the Ab Energizer being advertised, one thing is clear: it’s built to make having a stomach fat workout easier because it does the workout for you. However, according to its developer, it can also be used to tone and slim other hard to train areas too including glutes, thighs, and the back. There are heat based ab belts, as well as ones that use oscillating massage, vibration therapy, and sonar, but the Ab Energizer uses EMS technology, which is actually an older technology that has been used in clinical settings for decades to rehab muscles.

The fact that the Ab Energizer uses EMS technology often gets it a certain amount of attention from consumers, partially due to its use in clinical settings. While the EMS impulses generated by this core trainer have traditionally been used to workout damaged muscles, this developer has modified this technology so it works out healthy muscles. One in contact with the EMS impulses they contract and release on their on, just like they would if you were doing a crunch or a sit up.

According to its developer, the Ab Energizer can generate up to 700 muscle contractions in each ten minute session. Some experts suggest that this increased muscle activity can also reduce stomach fat by enhancing fat burning.

The Ab Energizer is usually priced from $12.99 to $39.95. They package includes the belt, contact gel, and an instruction manual.

The Ab Energizer was originally available through As Seen on TV website, but it has been discontinued on that site, although they still provide information on this system. It’s also being sold on third party reseller and auction based sites. No matter which of these venues you visit, you’ll discover that the Ab Energizer’s design includes six modes of operation and ten settings, giving users lots of workout options, so their muscles don’t plateau and they continue to see gains in terms of tone and strength.

Final Facts
There are no wires or electrodes to fuss with when using the Ab Energizer, all you have to do is smooth the conductive gel on the core, or any other area you’re working on, put the belt on and turn it on. Once it’s activated, you can put your clothes on and watch TV, read, hang out, or even catch up on some work.

There are lots of ab belts available these days, and many of them are being hotly discussed on blogs and forums because many of them, like the Ab Energizer, make doing stomach fat burning exercises obsolete. Checking out these sites can be a great way to get more information.

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22 Responses to “AbEnergizer”

Heather: Do you think the Ab Energizer can butn up the calories from a buger I just ate? I have the stomach fat bloat and I feel gross!

BillM.: Working out is not a priority right now so am easy ab energizer seems idealized for me and mys tomach fat.

Livia443: hahahaha! I know just what u men i do that all the time and its why i have to find a good stomach fat workout either that or stop being such a pig, oink!

Justine: working out with an ab energizer will make me feel better abd inspire me to eat a more stomach fat conscience diet, I iamgine.

Karrie: I like the price on the Ab Energizer. what;s the difference with contour abs though? which is better for stomach fat?

dustin: workouts are aweomse, if you do them, the ab enegizer? not sure its the best tech in ab belts but I am reading more so I will check back.

suze C: do bugers have that many calories? i don’t tend to eat ‘em anyways :) for a stomach fat workout, i would like to run with an ab energizer belt, seems like a killer workout.

MrHudson: Ab energizer etc is not for stomach fat burning I don’t think, it’s for toning and definging that’s why you have to do a stomach diet first or nothing will show even if you work out til h*&l freezes over.

Jay450: Is Ab Energizer a belt for real or those pad things you have to stick on?

ElisaNorthH: A contour abs belt seems like it gets decent reviews but I think I would use the Ab energizer more, So I am debating which to get to try to handlle stomach fat.

mark: A beef burger is around 330 calories and that’s without the bun and all the topping. the bread is what is bad if you are on a stomach fat diet. Mark

Haylie: How can this ab energizer give up to 700 contractions in 10 minutes? Seems like ud’ get areally sore sotmach froom that, maybe its better to use something like an ab coaster, more controlled stomach fat workout that way.

EddieVann: 700 contractions for real??? Sign me up!

ian: only $12.99 for an ab Energizer? seems like a good deal but i wonder if a newer EMS ab belt model, like the Flex belt or the abs contour belt, is gonna be better for, targeting the stomach fat. Might be worht spending more.

O_Coffin: Working out is a hobby of mine but I wonder if the ab energizer gives yoru core abs a real workout or if you are better of going with an ab rocket?


Monica: HOW come some abs belts with EMS are almost $200 and the Ab Energizer is less than $40? What do you get in expensive one that you don’t in this one?

Anonymous: Culd we pleze stop being so gross and talk about Ab Energizer as a way to loose wete and look good without so much stomach fat or ist hat to much to ask?

haroldbfield27: Ab Energizer is fur wanna be exercisers if you had any b^&ls ud do crunches and stop whining about a stomach fat workout its rite there in front of ur face.

Anna: well the ab energizer seem to be discontinued so i guess I’ll have to find another ab belt. i really like the design of the flex belt. Seem small enough that i could run with it. Is it a good one?

Eric: So is one a these abs belts the best way to get stomach fat burning exercises like the ab energizer looks ez and the price is good but is it really gonna get rid of some weight? TGTBT IMHO

donna v: so then what IS a good stomach fat, to complement the ab energizer? abs diet? atkins? south beach?

Adelphia: Going to put this atrlice to good use now.

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