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Ab Lounge
Review Summary
The war on Stomach fat is on, and many Americans are looking for fitness machines that can target the core, helping them to burn more fat while giving them a targeted stomach fat workout. So, it’s no wonder that the Ab Lounge is getting lots of consumer attention. Unlike other machines that assist users with getting in a core toning session on the floor, it uses a lounge chair like design to get them off the floor, while assisting them with doing a jackknife. Why is this different? Let’s take a closer look to see.

As we mentioned, The Ab Lounge was designed to replace standard sit ups or crunches and to tone the lower, middle, and upper abs, as well as the oblique muscles. Instead of doing sit ups, the user engages in a jackknife, which targets the entire core. But instead of doing it on the floor, the user is supported by the chair, so back and neck health are kept on track. According to its developer, the Ab Lounge offers users a full range of motion that makes doing this exercise effective.

According to its specs, the Ab Lounge is constructed out of high quality rolled steel, along with durable plastic and fabric, which makes the ride users get safer and more comfortable. It can be used by individuals weighing up to 275 pounds. Like the lounge chairs you would find pool side, the Ab Lounge is foldable, so you can store it away when you’re not using it under the bed or couch or in a closet.

The current list price for the Ab Lounge is $129.99, but right now it’s on sale for $89.68. The package comes with a DVD illustrating how to do a series of stomach fat burning exercises using this machine. They’ve also included a 90 day warranty.

The Ab Lounge is currently being sold through retail sites, some of which are offering free shipping with the purchase of this fitness machine. They also post consumer ratings and reviews, which can be invaluable when researching core trainers and other kinds of fitness machines. You can also access its specs and check out the features included in its design on these sites too.

Retail sites often post pictures of this device, but more often than not consumers want to see it in action, which isn’t all that surprising. Luckily, you can check out some clips of it being used by consumers and trainers on YouTube and other video based sites.

Final Facts
As we saw above, the Ab Lounge was designed to assist users with doing a core toning jackknife correctly and safely. It reportedly works the upper and middle abs, along with the oblique muscles and lower abs, which are notoriously hard to train. Learning more about the core trainers you’re interested in is always a good idea, and there’s lots of information available. You can check out the sites we mentioned above, as well as independently run rating sites, forums, and discussion boards.

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18 Responses to “AbLounge”

Rosie: the ab Lounge looks cool comfortabler and different from all the ab belts I amseeing. Sounds like I might lose stomach fat.

Amanda342: Ab lounge gets lower stomach fat and obliques, hard to hit spots, I’m all for it…if it’s different than an ab rocket that is.

ChrisIV: How long do you have to use Ab Lounge to get a good stomach fat workout, like a 1/2 hour or what? Seems like for that same amount of time you could just wear an ab toning belt and have it way easier.

Jack: wil I have out and watch my shoes (OPRAH on the ab lounch or will I burn stomach fat off/??? Can I still have sweet pottato friess? nonnom

markHughs: I want obliques and 6 pack abs so if the AB Lounge or Ab rocket willg et me their I am al 4 it!

Fiesta!: Yeah how IS ab Lounge differnt than ab Rocket or ab coaster? the pictures i saw, all look pretty similar. Def like the idea of abdominal toner chairs but, yeah, a b belt, would take less time. That Flex belt, looks pretty popular.

Jeff: so Ab Lounge does obliques for sure?

Melissa: HEY, its no secret Oprah has her issues with stomach fat, but that doesn’t mean she’s not someone to RESPECT! Don;t be so cruel& shallow, using an ab Lounge, or malibu pilates chair, or one of them ab energizer belts, while watching a good program, seems like a good use of time, if you ask me.

Samantha: yeah it says on the review that Ab Lounge works the entire core. Sounds great. BUt the ab rocket seem somehow more popular, why?

Anonymous: So is the ab lounge a good enof chair if I get tire of using it I culd use it by the pool because it’s waste not want not in my book.

Cindy115: Would the ab lounge be good for a muffin top? I can’t belive the stomach fat I have around my middle, GROSS!

JASON: Oh well, the Ab Lounge looks only ok to me I am reading more ab belt reviews! to get a better sense of what else is out there. its a good idea I recommend.

Anonymous: Hows this Jacknife motion sposed to work with the Ab Lounge? Think an ab coaster sounds better for a way to get good stomach fat exercises than this kinda weird routine.

KatriniaFaith: This is new to me, the Ab Lounge. I think I would like it but i would need to know how to use it cause I am not physicla enough to even to do the malibu pilates chair…

Lisa: if you have a “muffin top” do a stomach fat diet!

michelle: think you could take the ab lounge outside, and maybe get a little sunning & reading in, whiled oing the stomach fat burning exercises? am all about multi tasking, so its eiher a device like this, or tht FLex belt i keeping hearing about.

Kim: I tend to have back pain when i do crunches so that’s what i worry about with things like ab circle pro and ab lounge. Maybe ab toning belts are a better option for me>

Francis: The ab Lounge will be a way to begin but later I will want to change it up so I am reading about the contour abs belt to see.

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