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Ab Lounge XL
Review Summary
Tight and toned abs are the envy of many. Most people have a layer of stomach fat hiding what would be a six pack or at least a flat stomach. Because so many people want to have tight abs, there are several stomach fat burning exercises and stomach fat diets on the market. These programs and products tend to be alluring because they claim to offer people assistance in reaching their fat loss goals. The Ab Lounge XL is one such product manufactured by the Fitness Quest company. According to the company, this machine was designed to give people perfect form for achieving the most intense and productive abdominal workout.

The Ab Lounge XL is sold through multiple online retailers at this time, where there is much information available. According to these retailers, the machine offers comfortable but intense and productive ab workouts. It resembles a cot with a mesh seat and seat back. The user sits in the machine and achieves their workout through a crunching motion, bringing the upper body and lower body together and apart repeatedly. It offers 180 degrees of motion to ensure all of the muscles of the abdomen are hit. The support for the neck, back, and head are reportedly one of the biggest perks of this machine, making the ab workout as comfortable as possible with less risk of stress on the body. The machine can support up to 275 pounds and is easily folded away for storage.

As with any product sold through more than one source, prices on the Ab Lounge XL vary quite widely. At this time, we found the machine being sold from one online retailer for around $50. It appears as though there are many used Ab Lounge XL machines being offered online as well.

The information you find on the Ab Lounge XL varies from site to site. Some retailers offer a full product description, customer feedback, rankings, photos, and a wealth of information. Others are more limited. Similar to pricing variances, shipping policies and satisfaction guarantees also tend to vary from retailer to retailer.

Final Facts
The Ab Lounge XL is a machine designed for abdominal toning. It is sold through several websites at the time of this review, and it also appears to be sold used by many consumers who no longer use the machine. According to retailers, this device cushions the head, neck, and back, allowing the stomach to carry the bulk of the workout. It offers 180 degrees of motion and proper resistance to allow for a productive abdominal workout. Currently, the machine seems to be out of stock through some retailers, though we were able to locate a few retailers with the Ab Lounge XL still available.

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14 Responses to “AbLoungeXL”

Raina: I always wanted to try this type of ab exercise. I think the Ab Lounge XL seems neat but I def want to read more ab belt reviews before I DO anything…

natalie D: YOu only have to diet IF YOU EAT LIKE CRAP! otherwise, bring on the stomach fat workout with an Ab lOunge XL and a nordic track treadmill woo hoo!

Davis: I need a stomach fat diet also. lots of grains and fiber and veg. les carbs. the Ab Lounge Xl looks fun but is it good enough? I dont know.

quinn j: well, you can’t forget about cardio. an ab lounge XL looks like a great ab workout, and so does an ab belt like the Flex belt but its on;y one component for targeting stomach fat.

ZZ: If the Ab Lounge XL assists with crunches the way it says then that might be the way to go for stomach fat burning exercises, get your heart rat up, you’re gonna burn more cals besides getting yur muslces a workout all has to happen if you’re gonna get ripped like yu want

Anonymous: you need to do a butt workout + a stomach fat workout i say, run with an ab belt (the flex belt seems lighweight enough) or use an ab lounge XL and some other machine.

julie davidson: DOEs the crunching motion of an ab loungeXL burn calories or stomach fat???

Ellen_o.: Ab Lounge XL VS Ab rocket, which is better to get rid of stomach fat ?

JB: Funny, this Ab Lounge XL seems a whole lot like the ab Rocket except it costs more, besides, it’s stil all aobut the crunches looking at a couple of abs belts, ready for something else to do the work.

Frank W.: Well i don’t know for sure but just based on the picture the ab lounge XL seem to offer more resistance than the ab rocket but it’s hard to say which will be better for stomach fat. I think a Stomach Fat Diet may be better for that. Those machine are for abs not fat i think.

DaisyG: Love the review, think from now on I will just tell people my six pack is just hiding beneath a layer of stomach fat. ANYway, is the ab lounge XL BETTEr than the ab rocket or what? Now I’m intrigued about ab belts too.

Dan98: so this looks like its a weird exercise. I just want an ab roller or a machine to help you with crunches.

Coco: Well rather you want it or not when you work on your abdomen or do any kind of workout you do burn fat/ calories too! NOw, sure you gotta watch what you eat but i think that everyone knows that by now right? Me, i like abs belts for ab workout, you can get an ab workout while cooking a healthy meal….


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