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Ab Rocket Twister
Review Summary
For the average person, six pack abs are something to dream about, not a reality. But many work quite hard to ensure their abs are as flat as possible. Whether you are interested in stomach fat workouts or diets that reduce fat overall, there are many solutions available online to help you reach these ends. The Ab Rocket Twister is one such product that promises to help you gain a flatter tummy and a stronger core. Sold on an official website, this product is said to cushion the head and neck during your stomach fat workout, making it both more comfortable and more productive.

The Ab Rocket Twister resembles a chair on a swivel. There is a handle on either side of the chair. It works by swiveling the seat back and forth and also by reclining and lifting the seat back. You may have seen this product in action on television, where it is promoted by infomercials and spokesperson Adam Von Rothfelder, a MMA Fighter. The machine is said to tone and tighten the abs in a relatively short amount of time. It is said to be safe and effective, and folds for easy storage. When you order the Ab Rocket Twister, you also get a stomach fat diet meal plan and a DVD workout.

The Ab Rocket Twister can be found on an official website as well as through paid advertisements on television. At the writing of this review, the maker offers a free trial to people interested in the machine. After the 30 day trial period is over, you are billed three monthly payments of $49.95. If you prefer, however, you can also pay the total cost of the machine up front for $164.80.

The official website of the Ab Rocket Twister mainly uses videos to showcase the machine and how it works. There are a few different videos there where you can watch the machine in action reducing stomach fat on people who use it. You can also view testimonials on the official website and see numerous before and after photos.

Final Facts
The Ab Rocket Twister is a stomach fat reduction machine advertised to help people tone their abdominal muscles and get in better shape. According to the manufacturer, the design of the machine allows for a abdominal workout without causing stress to the neck and back. It features adjustable resistance to create a custom workout for each user. The Ab Rocket Twister can be found on an official website but is also marketed through television.

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