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Acupuncture Slimming Belt
Review Summary
Stomach fat can be a troubling thing for many people. When asked about the most difficult place to lose weight, most people would remark that it’s their abdominal area. For that reason, it’s easy to locate products designed to help burn off that stomach fat. The Acupuncture Slimming Belt is just one. This machine is discussed on several review websites and additional sources online. Although it doesn’t seem to be currently offered for sale, it seems that could change, as some former retailers are still carrying information about the product. Not a stomach fat diet or even a stomach fat burning exercises program, the Acupuncture Slimming Belt is reported to be quite different.

The Acupuncture Slimming Belt is reported to provide benefits far beyond simple fat burning. According to former retailers, it promotes positive general health improvements as well. They say the machine can promote blood circulation, improve digestion, and sooth sore muscles. It is also said to promote reproductive health by warming and massaging the internal reproductive organs. Finally, the maker states it breaks down fat in the abdomen through the massaging motion. The massager rotates clockwise with the navel, marking the center pivot. This motion is reported to be based in traditional Chinese medicine.

At the writing of this review, the Acupuncture Slimming Belt isn’t found being sold online. It appears as if the machine has been taken off the market at this time. Whether this is a permanent situation or merely temporary isn’t clear. Some reviews indicate the machine was once available for around $20.

The Acupuncture Slimming Belt doesn’t have an official website and doesn’t appear to have ever been sold from an official website. Instead, it seems the belt has always been sold through a number of third party retailers. This seems to be fairly common, and these retailers can still provide ample information about the machine and its reported benefits. The machine is also featured on a variety of review sites, designed to compare different ab products on the market.

Final Facts
The Acupuncture Slimming Belt is a machine primarily designed to assist people in burning stomach fat. However, looking over former retailer sites, it becomes apparent that the machine is designed to do much more than that as well. Using traditional Chinese therapeutic approaches, the massaging action of this product is reported to encourage reproductive health, digestion, and soothe sore muscles. Though the belt is no longer being sold, it is still shown on many retailer websites. This could be an indication that it will return to the market someday, perhaps after being redesigned. There continues to be plenty of information about this product available online, however.

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9 Responses to “AcupunctureSlimmingBelt”

Angela: an accupuncture slimming belt is very different from other things I have seen. I am not sure that means its what I want but I like novelty and want to check out this an ab rocket as well.

Lawrence: DID THE Acupuncture Slimming Belt have little nedle sin it or waht?

Teddy909: So you cana’t get the acupuncture slimming belt anymore? WEll, so now what, an abs contour belt for a stomach fat workout sounds fine to me.

Rebecca O.: yeah good question! I hear acupuncture is amazing, i wonder if acupuncture slimming belt could really give me that stomach fat free i dream of?

Will: I can’t believe the Acupuncture Slimming Belt is the same price as ab roller!!! Worth checking it out i think!

Anonymous: I dont know about putting pins in your belly. I want to get rid of stomach fat with a more typical ab machine like the ab roller which can give you 6 pack abs I beliebe.

James: WEll dream on you gusy from everything I can see there’s not any more Acupuncture Slimming Belt around you can buy so have to go another way for getting rid of stomach fat, maybe an ab coaster? Those looks like mean machines to me!

LatteTime: If I want a massage I’l go to theat Thai place that’s so great what I’m after here is a way to get some stomach fat burning exercises that will acutlally work, hows about that cardio twister? Seems like it could do a lot for ya.

Grace V: DARN! The acupuncture Slimming belt sounds like the PERFECT type of tummy belt, I have heard lots about the benefits from acupuncture. Well, i guess there are other ab belts to target stomach fat. The Flex belt seems popular, anyone dig it.

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