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Review Summary
Have you ever worked out too hard? Maybe doing too many stomach fat burning exercises because you’re trying to get rid of that pooch, and then suffered the consequences with back pain? Well, according to its developers, AuraWave is a viable solution for back pain, no matter what the cause, whether a too aggressive stomach fat workout, too much lifting on moving day, or work related stress. Reportedly this technology driven machine is deigned to provide a viable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and costly in office treatments.

Individuals who have had physical therapy session or have used ab belts, may find it interesting to note that the AuraWave uses TENS technology, which has been used to ease back pain without drug therapies. In fact, this technology has been around for well over two decades. It works by sending small electrical impulses into the affected areas using small electrodes.

So how do these impulses and the AuraWave work? That’s good question. According to its developer, it uses three approaches. The low level impulses generated by this device trigger the body’s built in pain killing mechanisms, namely endorphins, which are the same feel good chemicals released after a good workout. However, they also suggest that the electrical impulses block the pain signals from reaching the brain, and that It increases blood flow in the areas being addressed, both of which are said to ease pain.

The AuraWave is currently available through its home site where it’s now selling for $150 a unit. But right now they are letting customers try it on for size for $14.99 for 30 days. They are also including an extra pair of small and large adhesive electrode pads with each order, and right now shipping is free.

The AuraWave website lets you order this unit directly from them, as well as re order pads and check out additional accessories. You can also review the FAQ section, which is actually full of information about how this unit works and how it can provide relief from back pain associated with stomach fat workouts, power lifting, yard work, and general back issues. The website also discusses how and why the TENS technology used in this machine works.

Final Facts
The AuraWave is an FDA cleared device that is currently available directly through its developer, who suggests that it’s a natural and safe alternative to other more invasive therapies. To date they’ve reportedly sold over half a million units, and sales are said to be growing. The website posts consumer reviews and success stories, so you can see what your peers are saying about this device and TENS technology. In general, reviews can be very useful no matter what kind of product you’re buying, making them well worth taking the time to check out.

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17 Responses to “AuraWave”

Jenn: is auraWAve like EMS technology like they have on ab toning belts?

Anonymous: The Aura Wave trial period sounds like a good deal. I have to lose stomach fat before too long I feel gross!

rodney$$$man: not really sure, what the aurawave is all about but, if it provides some relief after a workout for blasting stomach fat, great. Wonder if its compatible with the Ab Circle PRo, or how is that on the back.

David: Well AuraWave is for pain relief not for abs muscles like abs belts. Not sure what this can do for stomach fat?


janice K: yes i think an ab shocker might solve the whole back pain relief issue, but auraWave looks like a good device nonetheless. just not what i looking for now,need to battle the stomach fat.

Pamela: Contour Ab belt for me for stomach fat burning exercises, that way I’ll never even have to think about getting an Aurawave.

hope: Would be awesome if aurawave could ease my pain!!!!!!!!

TinaWinnepeg: When i read about AURAWAVE I thought it could be an ab machine I would like to use but the more I learn of stomach fat diet and exercise I know I need to work hard do cardio aerobics and change my diet.

Anonymous: AuraWave I am not sure has the same new tech as other ab belts I am researching about stomach fat exercises.

Dawn: What about the stomach fat exercises like AB rocket and I want to also see abotu AuraWave which can maybe work better than crunchs for getting 6 pack abs.

RichardLee: Weird. I need a stomach fat abs machine not aurawave for back pain. I dont want crunches to give me back pain but I need results for my abs and fat.

Denise: I hope I never have to use something like AuraWave .

Chris: Yeah but think about it, the less pain you have the more you will workout! I think AuraWave sounds great. I have knee pain when i jog so hopping this helps. For abs i think i wanna try running with an ab belt, i hear good things about EMS tech.

KElsy P.: why not skip the crunches & ELIMINATE THE NEED for devices like AuraWAVE,maybejust go for the Flex belt.

Nathan: Huh, NOW I find out about AuraWAve, back pain is what made me give up on crunches, trying to find some other kinda stomach fat workout that will take those multi crunches place, but so far alls I’ve come up with is an abs roller to help me do them which would be ok I guess.

newton_figs: think crunches or that ab coaster mihgt not be so bad if you got an auraWave to settle down wth afterwards. what about a stomach fat diet, what;s good, atkins? weight watchers? looking for ideas.

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