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Bally Ab Tightener II
Review Summary
Plenty of Americans are looking for new and innovative ways to get in a stomach fat workout at home. So, it’s no wonder that their looking for devices to make it easier and more focused, which is where the Bally Ab Tightener II comes into the picture. This device was launched by Bally fitness a few years ago. Consumers are often familiar with their developer because they also have a line of gyms across the US. According to Bally, this product can provide users with an effective core training session, but many consumers have been asking how it works, so let’s see.

The Bally Ab Tightener II is a modified T shaped device that is designed to be used to do stomach fat burning exercises. The individual gets into a seated position, and once there, the larger end of the device is placed in the lap with the other end secured against the chest. They then use a crunch like motion to press the device downward, thereby providing them with the resistance they need to get an effective core training session. Its developer suggests that users can tone the upper and lower abs, along with the obliques when using this device.

The Bally Ab Tightener II is not as easy to find online as it once was, but it’s still available on some sites for $19.99 and up at this time. You can also find it on some auction based sites, like eBay, where this stomach fat workout device usually sells for $10 and up. Each device also comes with instructions on how to do the exercise we outlined above, as well as additional core training exercises. Bally has also includes a one year warranty with each package, which is something people like to look for when buying core trainers, and/or fitness machines online, or in stores.

Retailers, like Amazon, which sell the Bally Ab Tightener II, tend to provide lots of information, both developer and consumer generated. Many of them outline how and why it works, while also letting their customers know that this is a compact and lightweight device that can easily be stored away out of sight when you’re not using it. Actual users generate the reviews posted on these sites, so you can see how it met or didn’t meet their expectations before you actually buy one, which is one of the perks of checking out these sites.

Final Facts
Overall, the Bally Ab Tightener II was designed to provide users with a way to effectively train their entire core, as well as a way to get rid of pooches and love handles. This developer suggests that this device is back friendly because it takes the wear and tear out of traditional crunches, while optimizing results. In fact, they report that this device is more effective than traditional floor based crunches.

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15 Responses to “BallyAbTightenerII”

Jeff X.: Which is better for stomach fat Burning exercise? the Bally Ab Tightener II or the ab roller?

A.: Like what kind of cardio is best for that? like could i just use the cardio twister and bally Ab tightener II to get rid of stomach fat?

Chase: Not very many ppl posted but on amazon bally Ab tightener II only got 1 and 1/2 star :(

MarieP: Cool! The Bally Ab tightener II seems cool but more I am inspired to read more about how to fight stomach fat with diet exrecise and ab belts.

Anonymous: Stomach fat diet FIRST, then maybe something like the Bally AB TIghtener II, but actually I’m leaning more towards an abs belt for getting some toning done.

Sarah_bof: So what’s a typical stomach fat workout routine with bally Ab tightener II? do you do like 100 of them of less or more? in teh AM< PM? before or after cardio? what is best?

DaraDARA: well whats so much better about ab toning belts than the bally ab TIGHtener II, it sounds cool to me. i want to get rid of my stomach fat too, this sounds more advanced than a tummy belt type thing.

LL>: check the recipes on the site here or maybe check out the south beach diet if you need a diet. I am sure Bally Ab Tightener II is fine if you use it!

Derrick: Not sure the Bally ab tightner II is gonna work for me there are the ab rocket and the ab roller and I want the most awesome machine for ounding stomach fat so i can develop6 pack abs.

Josephine: maybe an abdominal toning belt is a better idea for love handles. I think bally Ab tightener II is more for lower abs, am i right?

Tonya: I think u have to work up a sweat to get good results from a stomach fat workout, does that happen with the BALly AB TiGHtener II, seems kinda light weight somehow.

HEy JUNIOR!: The review doesnt mention love handles, just says the upper & lower abs get targeted by the BALLY Ab Tightener II. Still seems mabye more likely to do good than a vibro belt, as far as stomach fat burning exercises go overall.


Walsh_H: Seems sorta complicated when you compare the bally ab tightener II with the Flex belt though. I think a stomach fat diet, cardio, and reall hard core toning is best, and that ab machine seems pretty cool.

LarryW: reviw I red sad luv handels to but what do I knw I just want somethin simple to get ridda some stomach fat, this BaLLy Ab Tightener II luks like it culd do the job if u did it enuf.

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