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Belly Burner
Review Summary
The Belly Burner is an ab belt brought to the market by Bobby Waldron, who is a well known trainer to the stars. He reportedly designed this core trainer to provide users with a way to reduce stomach fat, by super heating the core during an aerobically charged workout. You can see this core trainer in action, and view snippets of the workout included with the Belly Burner on its home site, as well as video based sites, like YouTube, which feature some of the leading fitness trainers on the market. Let’s take a closer look at the Belly Burner to see what it has to offer and how it works.

So how does the Belly Burner work? That’s a great question! The Belly Burners is meant to be worn during stomach fat burning exercises, to super heat the core. According to Waldron, this “super” heating increases metabolic function so users lose inches while building strength and tone during an aerobic and/or resistance based workout. A workout DVD is included with Belly Burner. That said, you can also wear it during all sorts of exercises, including walking, playing tennis, or running.

The Belly Burner is now selling for $39.90 on its home site, and as we mentioned above, it comes with a DVD based workout called “Blazing Abs." They are also adding in additional extras too, including Bobby Waldron’s exclusive Exercise and Food Journal, Meal Planner Nutrition Log, and At A Glance Calorie Counter. Additionally, they are including a 30 day money back guarantee with each belt at this time. The company suggests that consumers allow two to three weeks for delivery.

The Belly Burner actually has a site of its own, and as we mentioned above, you can watch a video of it being used during one of Waldron’s classes if you have a few minutes. They provide visitors with information on how and why it works, and also post its specs and features. For instance, you’ll find out that it fits users with waistlines measuring up to 50 inches. They also let visitors know that with the Belly Burner there are no cords and wires to fuss with, and that users can simply put it on and do their workout. The materials used to create it retain the heat on their own, so there’s no extra work involved.

Final Facts
According to its developer, the Belly Burner was designed to be used along with either aerobic or resistance based exercise, while also being teamed up with a stomach fat diet, so users can get their core toned and slim. Visiting the Belly Burner website is a great way to get more information about this core trainer, but you can also check in at forums and discussion boards, which give you access to lots of peer generated information. While on these sites you can often chat up other visitors and members, so you can get your questions answered about the products you’re interested in.

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24 Responses to “BellyBurner”

Anonymous: Belly Burner for stomach fat burning exercises, makes sense to me.

Brenda: I think belly burner sounds terrific!!! Ppl get confused becasue they often compare it to abdominal toning belt and this is not the same thing at all!!! This will help you burn if you workout. Abs belt like contour abs don’t burn stomach fat, they work on the muscles for you. I like to do crunches but i don’t like to diet therefore Belly burn would be the perfect accessory fpr me.

MitziG: So just how hot does this Belly Burner belt get is it like the Sauna belt I seen on the tv you can make payments you know.

Linda: A belly Burner belt is not an accessory for God’s Sakes, it’s a way to lose stomach fat!

Katherine: Yeah i don’t know. If you workout and do tons if stomach fat burning exercises I don’t see why I would want to give belly burner the credit! know what i mean?

Tina: Yeah i think you are right about ab toning belts VS belly burner, it’s not the same thing. Question : do you have to do abs excises when you wear the belly burner or can you just go for a jog and burn stomach fat?

Wayne: Runing a lot late.y. so thats good for getting 6 pack abs, rigth? But a belly burner seems more targeted to abs obviouslty. still, not sure I need it for stomach at at this point in time.

BB: HA WELL Stomach fat seems to be the center of MY universe. How BIG is the belly burner abs belt, does it come in XXL sizes or anythign? Seems like a decent aid to stomach fat burning exercises.

CJ555: THink it all depends, do you just want to LOSE stomach fat, or do you want to STRENGTHEN ABS? Belly burner for A, myabe an ems abs contour belt for B.

Kelly: I am sick of feeling fat and having stomach fat whih leads to diabetes. i want a great exercise program for belly burner exercising now!

LeslieAnne: Stomach fat can take a hike with this Belly Burner if it works lke it s*x it’s gonna make a bg diff i my life.


Susie: Belly Burner Belt is gonna rock my stomach fat world!

Anonymous: I think the only way to burn stomach fat is by workout out and dieting. I don’t believe belly burner could do that for you. but if its gonna get ppl to get moving and exercise then maybe, it’s not a bad idea :)

miah: motivation to move is half the battle! bring on the belly burner and destroy the stomach fat!!

Jackie43: Just to set it strate isn’t he whole ide behnd the Belly burner belt is YOU DON”G have to do anything but wear it? Why wuld anybody buyone othewse theyre luking bulkuy to me.

BlissPorter: I wuld be very happy to have a Belly burner and see how well it works who wants to send me one so I can get a good stomach fat workout???

Franklin!: PEople, dont get stressed! you may get a belly burner or another ab belt and just try as hard as you can to go with a diet friendly for removing stomach fat and you will reach yoru goals. you gained weight slowly and you will get it if slow too.

Dona: I think an ab belt like flex belt is a better idea to get toned abs and def easier to make time for. Belly burner sounds cool too but not for me. I hate doing crunches.

marlee: what about wearing a belly burner a b belt while using ab rocket? like a stomach fat workout and ab toning in one?

JJ: Well IF i were to get only one, I also think an EMS abs belt, is more the way to go, than the BElly burner. I say this bcs, if you have more mUSCLe, you BURN MORE FAT. So the flex belt, really, seems to require less work than abs belts like this style, from what i can tell.

Marnie: Kudos to you! I hadn’t thguhot of that!

keina: what is katy perry number

Anonymous: hi

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