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Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360)
Review Summary
Body Solid has been in the business of building and marketing commercial and home grade fitness trainers for two decades. Their line includes strength training machines like the Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360), as well as cardio based machines, like elliptical trainers and treadmills. What makes the Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360) so interesting to consumers is the fact that it’s designed to work the entire core while working the back muscles too, this way they get the full package. In general, experts suggest working the back muscles because they ultimately pull in the core too, creating a slimmer look.

The Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360) stomach fat neutralizing abilities reportedly come from its plate based design, which actually takes an ab crunch machine and back machine and rolls them into one machine. While this machine more than likely reminds you of the ab crunch machine you’ve seen at the gym, it’s designed for home use, but according to Body Solid, they haven’t skimped on the features. Its design includes a pop pin that’s extremely easy to use, as well as allowing the user to make up to 26 different adjustments so that they have more control and range of motion when doing a stomach fat workout.

The Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360) is now selling for $585 on its home site. It also comes with the Body Solid warranty, which covers all their machines, from pads and pulleys to cables and frames.

The Body Solid website provides visitors with detailed information about the company, their satisfaction guarantee, and the warranty that covers all of their home gyms. You also get to access information about The Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360). For instance, they post its specs, letting you know that it has a 2” x 4” mainframe steel, which is just as sturdy as their commercial line, just more compact. They also discuses the technology used in its design, which reportedly allows users to tighten their abs and back muscles at the same time, as well as build flexibility.

Final Facts
According to its developer, the Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360) was designed to be more than just a machine that attacks stomach fat and builds core strength, it’s also designed to work the back, so users get a full workout. This system is sold directly to consumers via the Body Solid website, where you can check out customer comments, but it’s also sold through online fitness and retail sites, as well as through some local dealers.

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10 Responses to “BodySolidCamSeriesAbBackMachineG”

REILLY_99: Wow, so you can adjust the Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360) like 26 different ways, according to the reivew. Pretty cool, Ive never used the machines at the gym that many ways. Stomach fat, be gone!

matt: do you have to but the weight separately from body-solid cam Series ab & back machine (GCAB360) ? how much is it approximately?

reallyoverfastfood: does look like a good way to perform stomach fat burning exercises, though i dont know if i have he time for the Body-Solid Cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360) often enough. considering a contour ab belt to supplment the workouts with, those look real efficient.

MEGAN: I would so love to have one of these at home, I really hate using the crunch machines at the gym. This way I could take my time. Still have to save some cash but the BODY-SOLID cam Series Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360) looks prominising. NOw if I can olny find a stomach fat diet wil be all set.

sean: well, i think the Flex BElt could work a s a subsitute for the BOdy-Solid Cam Series ab & back machine (GCAB360), for the stomach fat workout anyways.

g. carr: i REALLy need something like the Body-Solid CAM SERIES Ab & Back Machine (GCAB360) but I just dont know if i would use it enough. Those ab toning belts do seem like they would just be easier to slip on and do, anything else, & still getin a workout.

Teresa: yeah the 26 different adjustment is a plus. If i am gonna be with a big device like Body-Solid cam Series Ab & back machine (GCAB360), may as well work on many part of my body. BTW are obliques covered?oh and any recommendation for a good stomach fat diet? thx.

DEAN^KNOWS: You gotta BURN it if you wanna lose the stomach fat ppl!

Anonymous: okay okay, will do more cardio but i hate cardio! looks for a used Body-Solid Cam Series ab & back machine (GCAB360), pls let me know if you know of one, if not i would have to get an ab roller :(

lou lou: seems like there are some good fat burners for losing the stomach fat, or you couls look at the stomach fat diet recipes here. good idea to incorporate with the Body-solid Cam Series ab & back machine (GCAB360)

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