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Cleanse RX® - Immediate Colon Cleanse Weight Loss
Review Summary
With more and more individuals seeking to get their bodies back into tip-top shape by eliminating the negative substances residing within their bodies, a colon cleanse system such as CleanseRX® makes the search a great deal easier. People who are interested in getting rid of toxins need to look no further once they have found CleanseRX®. Not only that, but consumers who are also interested in losing weight can promote this goal as well through the use of CleanseRX®, but without relying merely on the loss of water and waste weight. CleanseRX® is comprised of two separate phases, the first of which lasts approximately thirty days and utilizes effective ingredients in order to reduce 5 to 20 pounds of your body’s unprocessed waste. The second phase effectively replenishes your digestive tract with a wonderful blend of probiotics, amino acids, and digestive enzymes, giving your body the chance to significantly improve your digestive process. The second phase of supplements is so helpful it can and should be used indefinitely.

So many of us struggle to avoid poor food choices and over time the negative effects of these consequences can add up in various ways. It is our aim in this article to give readers some insight into all that CleanseRX® can offer in both of these regards and to explain why CleanseRX® is truly the superior choice when it comes to colon cleansing and detoxification.

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Ingredients In Phase 1 & 2:
The old saying, “you are what you eat,” isn’t entirely fictitious. In fact, when we continue to put junk into our bodies we cannot expect to get the best performance and image out of our bodies. In terms of symptoms, the practical problems associated with the retention of unhealthy substances include lack of energy, weight gain, indigestion, heartburn, and potentially even colon cancer. That is because your colon is essentially the holding tank for your body’s waste, meaning that some of what your body tries to reject may sit in your colon for a while. Sound gross? It is! And as we continue to clog our digestive tract with negative or even harmful substances, it is only a matter of time before we start to feel the effects. But with CleanseRX® we can begin to fight back, making a truly positive effect on our bodies by helping our digestive tract break down and absorb food the way it was intended to. This can mean a number of things for the CleanseRX® user, including improved weight loss results, regularity, and the like.

Phase 1 of CleanseRX® is truly the heavy cleansing aspect of the system. It consists of four separate capsules that include natural ingredients such as Lemon Bioflavonoid, Psyllium Husk, Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Carbonate, Senna, and more. In the 30-day period of Phase 1, people often lose between 5 and 15 pounds of plain old waste from their bodies, changing the reading on the scale as well as changing the way you feel about yourself. Many of these natural ingredients are safe and effective laxative agents that do not merely push waste through more quickly but that can actually help purge your intestines, giving them a fresh start. Lemon Bioflavanoid is an antioxidant compound that gives Phase 1 another take on wellness, since antioxidants may be involved in a host of different health benefits. In the end, Phase 1 of CleanseRX® already surpasses the ingredient blends of many other detox programs, but remember that CleanseRX® doesn’t stop there.

Phase 2 of CleanseRX® is what provides the body with rebuilding substances that help get the digestive tract back on the right start after being cleansed. After the completion of Phase 1, the individual begins mixing the Phase 2 powder into any liquid they like. The drink will then contain essentially everything the digestive tract needs to be working correctly and healthily. In fact, the blend of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics contained in Phase 2 is so extensive we don’t have time to offer an exhaustive list here. Suffice it to say that the list includes various ingredients that may function as anti-carcinogens, anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, and more. Though CleanseRX® initially comes with a month’s supply of Phase 2, many consumers continue to purchase and use this supplement forever so as to keep their energy levels up, keep their nutrient absorption strong, and their bodies on the trajectory to great health. And let’s not forget that many of these benefits can work together synergistically in order to also potentially promote weight loss.

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Cost and Refund Policy
The basis CleanseRX® Phases 1 and Phase 2 package retails for $79.99. This is, in itself, a great price for two month’s of wonderful detoxification and health and wellness improvement. Yet that isn’t the end of the story, because with multiple orders of the CleanseRX® system, for, say friends and loved ones, the extra orders are significantly discounted. For example, two CleanseRX® systems retail for $144.99 ($15 savings), while ordering three systems saves you $40 (for a total of $199.99). Of course, since the Phase 2 system offers such wonderful long-term benefits, some people just keep ordering extra jars of that incredible proprietary blend. A single order of Phase 2 alone costs $49.99, but with multiple orders the price per jar goes down such that a person who orders 4 jars of Phase 2 saves a whopping $60!

Let’s also not forget that the entire CleanseRX® system is supported by a 90-day unconditional money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the effects and benefits provided by this superior cleansing system, return it and get your money back. The 90-day guarantee is way longer than those offered by most other companies, which shows just how confident the makers of CleanseRX® are in their product.

We think that checking out a product’s official website is a wonderful way to get a feel for the program, and the official CleanseRX® website is no exception. The website’s informative and attractive format is designed to answer all of the questions consumers might need to ask about the product. It also shows you and others how to get in touch with the manufacturer or how to read the answers to many frequently asked questions. Good customer support is one important key to consumer satisfaction, and the makers of CleanseRX® understand that.

Testimonials also play a huge role in making the official CleanseRX® website so wonderful. These stories from users give you an even better understanding of how amazing the system really is, and with so many of them to read, we doubt you will get through them all. What could speak more forcefully about the benefits of a particular product or program than stories from individuals whose lives have significantly benefited from that product or program?

Click here to visit the official website.

• Approximately 5-15 pounds of waste weight loss in Phase 1.
• Great prices and even greater discounts on multiple purchases.
• You will have enhanced digestion indefinitely providing more energy every day.
• Relief from bloating, gas, and indigestion.
• Ordering options are manifold, and will help each individual get what he or she needs easily.
• Two-part system is the most comprehensive approach to colon cleansing and health, offering both initial cleansing and long-term maintenance.
• Opportunity to lose weight and keeping it off are improved through the healthier digestion provided by CleanseRX®.
• Increased energy levels.
• A cleaner colon can be the key to preventing colon cancer

• Though Phase 1 can remove pounds and pounds of waste, this weight loss is not fat loss. Still, CleanseRX® can be used effectively in conjunction with other quality weight loss supplements
• You need to wait a month before seeing how wonderful Phase 2 feels.
• Not available in stores – only available from the official website.

Final Thoughts
Talk to anyone who has done a high quality colon cleanse and you are likely to hear about how wonderful they have felt afterward, how much energy they had, and how it helped them in various aspects of their lives. Talk to or read comments from someone who has done a colon cleanse with CleanseRX® and then followed it up with the system’s Phase 2 and you are likely to hear an even more amazing story. The CleanseRX® system is affordable and effective and, maybe even more importantly comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. What more could you ask for? Consider making both phases of CleanseRX® a part of your life today. Your digestive system may well thank you for doing so.

Click here to visit the official website.

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77 Responses to “CleanseRX”

Ann_B: It seems like a never ending battle for me with stomach fat…i KNow my metabolism is slowing and I should change mye atin habits…I just starting to look at cleanses.

Sarah: This cleanseRX review makes a lot of sense. i havn’t been eating really well and am ready for a clean start! SO would this help me lose stomach fat too over time?

Anonymous: YEah am all 4 cleanses, from the review, it seems like CleanseRX might be a better approach than the master cleanse. I mean you can still eat while taking thid, which is a plus, and might have more energy for stomach fat burning exercises too. Does it matter WHAT you eat whilr using this, btw?

Paul38: OMG i didn’t know this! I read on cleanse rx site that :”.. the average person has pounds of waste in their colon depending on their lifestyle and diet..”……..G.R.O.S.S!!

Melinda: I just want to feel thinner and I think cleanserx sounds good. As far as diets I found some yummy recipes on this site btw! the Greek wrap under lunches sounds SUPER yummy.

Vickie: Thx for the tip on recipes! will check it out!!

Terry G.: yeah, that’s one of the cool things about cleanse Rx probiotics these I have read are an EXCELLENT way to feel better and get the stomach fat under control

JacquelinePatton: I have tried the whole cayenne lemon drink thing and it gives me a so*r b*lly. So I would personally perfre to try a cleanse such as this for stomach fat and wokring out bad stuff in the gut before I start an exercise plan again.


Buggs: seriously man, wanna get that OUT. so then is the CLeanseRX a one shot deal, so long as you take that phase 2 to keep your system in check?

Regina S: Eww a so*r b*lly, isn’ t that what your trying to AVOID with any kind of cleanse. I don’t see how that whole maple syrup lemon & cayenne mixture can do much acidic good in the long term anyways. I think psyllium husk powder makes more sense for gentle cleaning. :)

Christina: What if you are vegan and eat a lot of vegan and raw food but wanna lose stomach fat a bit? cleanseRX or just diet?

Anonymous: Sup with ppl and raw food??? doesn’t sounds appetizing to me.

Kathleen: I think stomach fat foods are definitely like greens and yogurt but I am still going to eat some of what I like…

Bonnie: Raw food diet seems like a boring one, even if it does help reduce stomach fat and mabye other health issues. I rahter take a slim 10 diet pill & still eat good foods, just LESS of them.

mr_A.: learn to live differently, huh? i just want to LOSE WEIGHT & have energy, and i don’t think cardio twister alone is gonna do it.

Paul: Diet is one thing, you have to work out your abs if you dont want stomach fat!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Bethany Taylor: It all goes hand in hand, diet plus exercise. I think Cleanse Rx sounds like a good way to maybe start a diet and then maybe you have more energy to exercise once you get the crud out.

Drew: I AM AWAKE DUDE! so what do you do for stomach fat workout Mr know it all!?

greg jasper: Well i dunno. If could be carrying around an extra 15lbs or so of waste, a cleanse might indeed help reduce some stomach fat. Though probably wouldn’t hurt to dust off the old ab roller wheel either.

Anonymous: Mr know it all!! HAHAH :)

JJ: a good stomach fat workout involves cardio and maybe some crunches.

Roberta: Can someone explain phase one and phase 2 of cleanse rx? Like what you gotta do.

love5689: well as they say…u r what you eat. So, tHIs cleanse Rx is gentle/mild, right?? I wouldn’t do well with aciditiy like the master cleanse thing either. Right now – to kick stomach fat in the b*tt, I’m thinking as part of my diet plan to start running, looking at an ab toning belt and maybe this. Thanks.

mary w: from what i read, i think you just take the phase one supplement of CleanseRx for 30 days, and the phase two probiotics indefinitely. No need for cutting out junk or sweating, unless you wANT to i guess. I wonder if an ab belt like a sauna belt or the Vibro belt could help you lose stomach fat while your cleansing tho?

HAPPYDAY: What exactly is so great about probiotics? I mean i keep hearng about it everywhere, not just in Cleanse rx but in vitamins and yogurt too.

Roberta: THX! — Makes sense.

deena: Probiotics are SO GOOD for the gut! read the revew, it says that they replenish the system& keep the colon healthy! HEy, anyone used the Flex belt?

Anonymous: Probiotics rock!I

andy: So, cleanseRX and then a stomach fat diet, is that how it goes best?

Samantha: Sounds like phase one is the one when you maybe loose most of the undigested waste. I read that for ppl who want more weight loss it’s a good ideato incorporate a healthy diet and some exercise. I have heard this before :) it makes sense.

biggienation: yeah that makes sense but what sorta diet????? what makes u lose stomach fat specifacally? Like say after cleanse rx. and what if you r like tooo heavy for a ab circle pro i need a SERIOUS work here.


grace_B.: STOP eating ice cream, DO try a cleanse. To me THAT’s the simplest way to lose stomach fat. I mean IMO :)

Anonymous: how about i do what ???? I don’t like ice cream btw.

D: touchy touchy, chill out man. no ones saying u MUST do anything. SUGGESTIONS ONLY.

mark: Gosh dude calm down!!!! It’s just a cleanse you are talking about!!! i think i read somewhere that angry people have a harder time loosing stomach fat than happy ppl!!! just sayin’

Anonymous: I absoleult believe in cleansing the body and think cleanse rx plus some good greak yogurt will be great for my metabolism. This year i am getting in shape and cutting sugar, which I hear d can be toxic and not good for a true stomach fat loss diet.

MITCH: Well, my guess is atleast by the end of 30 days, you start to feel better from CleansERX. IF all that undigested stuff comes out by then I would Imagine it make u less bloaty and feeling more enrgy. ANd maybe then using an ab roller or ab belt seems ok, can’t imagine all that muscle movement going on just yet, with all the stomach fat & gas goin on, blech.

Alison: Well it says on the cleanse rx site that it all depends on how much waste people have. By the size of my tummy my guess is that i have a LOT of stomach fat! — The site also said that on phase one we can feel the results btw 2 days to a week….for phase 2, 1-3 days. Anyone on phase 2?

hungryhippo41: and i bet next you say you do yoga & malibu pilates & meditate too, typical hippi*!!!!!

JEN: Am in the same boat as a lot of you, worrying about more than just stomach fat…. SO what about the FLEx MINI for your butt & thighs??????? that thing looks way cool

sue&larry: i saw on the cleanserx site that it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee

Claire77: Yeah that movie food inc was a wake up call as well as Our daily bread, did you see that one? Beautiful film. And i am not gonna get started with bottled water, another scary thing in our life. Anway, yeah the cleanseRX sounds like something i can benefit from. BUt most important, eating local and organic produce is what i started doing. This site has some pretty good recipes BTW.

Viv: Cool, so recipes for like stomach fat specifically? BTW, I just read the review on here for P90x, dang that looks GOOD!!! but it might kick my a$$. :(

Jamie: yeah i saw the recipes, pretty good ones. The Pesto Snapper Fillets is my favorite!! I am making it tonight. This site also has tons of exercises listed too NOT only for abs.

Anonymous: There are entire sites and magazines and diets themselves devoted to stomach fat diets, tips and cleanses and how to begin etc…. such as the lemonade cleanse, which I personally think is too drastic for me. I would consider the Cleanse Rx product because when i read it contains healthful proBs this is definitely more what i like.

GPell: Yeah, that lemonade diet cleanse seems a bit too intense for me, and some other cleansing aids seem like jsut, laxatives. NOT what i want, even if you lose stomach fat that way. But do you really?

Tammy Sanders: if u care about ur health u MAKE TIME to be healthy. stomach fat won’t disappear on its own you know!

Bonnie: So is cleansing and something like cleanse RX a good way to begin a new diet of healthy eating?

RuthMoller: Yeah I know I have to eat more vegetables and whole grains and less cake and chips but its hard. DO you think I can loose some stomach fat from walking and doing something like this?

Anonymous: Well I give my house a full spring cleaning every year, I guess why not my body?? :) — IT would be sweet to lose stomach fat this year too!

Ray: GEt all that nasty junk outta you, thenTry & start eating,b etter.

DON: WHat’s teh best liquid to mix with the Cleanse Rx PHASE 2 powder, taste -wise and for the stomach fat & bloat?

J.Fatek: I love the idea of spring cleansing your interiour systems with this ;)

connie: Hahahah spring cleansing, LOVE IT!!! HEy maybe could make one of those green smoothies with the cleanse rx powder. if you gonna start a stomach fat diet why not do it up right, from the get go.

Anonymous: Ok I get it,so Cleanse RX is the cleanse, maybe to lose stomach fat but what about TONING the fat? Ab flex? FLEX BELT? CArdio twister? AM IN NEED OF mORE THN JUST IMPROVED DIGESTION!!!

Tatiana: well like someone mentioned earlier this site has tons of free exercises you can check out – get started no excuses

Hailey Morris: ALL I know is, I probaly never get rid of all the stomach fat, :( unless i truly make sure theres no nasty bacteria or parasites in my gut. YUCK!

joseph: i see discounts on cleanseRx phase 2?

Anonymous: SO i guess i gotta exercise if I wanna see best results from the Cleanse rx then. Well as long as this gets me some pep, then, ok.

gretchen: Omg yes, i am ready to feel lighter & lose stomach fat.

Pamela: Okay so then what are the best stomach fat burning exercises in your opinion? Please don’t say crunches!

Anonymous: i have a question about cleanseRX sorry if its been asked already. What if you change your mind? can you send it back and get your $ back?

FJ.Davidson: Listen, me too. I want to lose this stomach fat spare tire but I want to do it right this time…so the weigth stays off and I have a chance of being healthy for a while which is why I am more into detoxes, which seem more of a long term solution and not a quick fix like a fad diet.

GORDON NAYLOR: Exercise is great, yeah. I read that its good to sweat while doing a cleanse so you really get all those toxnins out. Guess if thats working out with an Ab Circle Pro or sitting in a sauna or steam room, or both, its all gonna be beneficial along with Cleanse Rx.

Katie: have you guys tried any of the recipes here on the site? are any good for ppl who want to have a flat stomach? I read that Cleanse rx will help cleanse from waste but i need a good diet and foods too…

Anonymous: am i to understand that, build up WASTE, in my COLON , be resp for makin my STOMACH FAT? ugh :(

kurt F.: yeah,i saw on the cleanse RX website, u can save like, 30$$ if you buy like four, of the phase2 powders. Are there any deals on that FLex belt ab shocker thing i keep seeing?

Eric: discounts on cleanse rx? where did you seee that?

Jake: All I have been eating is burgers and I feel nasty

Betsy: I have not tried but will check out those recipes. I tend to get most of my recipes on the food tv site though. Just makes sure it’s low carb if you want to loose the stomach fat.

Amy: WEll i think the discount for cleanse rx is if you order more than 1. I also saw you can add the hoodia p57 for $29.

I_sing: I know people like hoodia, i am pretty good with my stomach Fat Diet thx for the recipe tip, yes i can definitely benefit from. I have never done a cleanse before!!! I don’t even want to know how much waste i have in me !!!!


Sheila: From what i understand you are supposed to feel a lot less fatigue and actually gain energy. I also read some testimonials that ppl were no longer bloated and felt they lost a some gunk of course as a result of getting rid of waste. that’s why i think cleanse rx sounds so good!

EvanTFraser: I have done some juice fasts and fiber detoxes and you get a very light healthy feeling in your intestines. Sorry gross, but true.

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