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8 Minute Abs
Review Summary
8 Minute Abs is VHS video that was created in about two decades ago, by Jamie Brenkus, a well known fitness trainer who has also launched other 8 minute training videos and DVDs over the years, including ones that target the arms, butt, and legs. In general, more and more Americans are interested in getting as much workout bang for their buck as possible, in the least amount of time. Jamie Brenkus suggests that his 8 Minute Abs is the solution for individuals with a tight schedule, when used along with a stomach fat diet. The 8 Minute Abs is also now available in a DVD format too, so let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

8 Minute Abs was clearly designed to do away with stomach fat and build core strength and tone. To do this Brenkus created an intense workout that hits all of the core muscles, even the love handles, in less than ten minutes. While it may well be easy to assume that this is a one size fits all workout, by all accounts it’s not. Bernkus designed this workout so that viewers can take it at their own pace, meaning that if you’re a beginner you can use it and get a core training session in, and if your partner is more advanced, they can also use it.

The VHS version of the 8 Minute Abs is currently available for $14 and up, while the DVD versions of this workout are usually priced at less than $25. Some sites are also offering special deals at this time, including free shipping, which can be a real money saver no matter what you’re buying.

When you check out the 8 Minute Abs on the retail sites that carry it, they tend to give an overview of Brenkus experience in fitness training, as well as letting you know what you can expect in terms of a workout. Highlighting the fact that Brenkus takes users through all the exercises, providing step by step instructions, to help consumers avoid injury and to ensure that consumers get a quality stomach fat workout. They also post reviews and ratings, which can be helpful, as can threads on discussion boards and blogs.

Final Facts
Most people want beach or bedroom ready abs, and according to its marketing copy, the 8 Minute Abs video can provide just that, offering step by step instructions of the most effective core training exercises. These days this video is also available in lots of different versions, which includes workouts for the lower body, as well as the arms and chest.

You can check out snippets of this video on video based sites too, as well as some consumer sites, both of which are often well worth a look or two.

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16 Responses to “EightMinuteAbs”

Cindy: Not sure that 8 Minute Abs will be sufficient. I need a litle more prodding and support so an ab machine or belt seems likelier to be good getting rid of stomach fat and toning my abs and mid section.

Rhonda22: 20 years ago is when this Eight MINute abs was invented, I’m ready for something newer like an abs belt or an ab coaster to help me get rid of my stomach fat.

mocha_licious: what about a stomach fat diet, necessary with 8 minute abs or not. i know i gotta watch what i eat but i rather just workout more, so this or a n ab rocket is what i really want.

CarolineH: Not sure without a ab machine I will actually do 8 Minute Abs or any more video type routine because while I dont love having stomach fat I also hate exercise and am changing up my diet to have less calories.

Sheila Banks: speaking of cardio, is cardio twister any good?? i feel like between this and 8 Minute Abs i could get a nice workout, what do you think?

zzzz: hmm 8 minute abs or 30 minutes on the couch with the flex belt. tough decision.

Billy: Eight Minute ABS sounds great to me, do it in the morning, call it done for a stomach fat workout for the day, have more time for a brewski after work.

JesseC: wish I had 8 Minute Abs right now. I think a stomach fat diet is absolutely necessary even with ab and cardio vascular exercise.

Alan: too bad they don’t ahve the entire 8 Minute Abs workout on youtube. or do they? i only saw part of it. You def have to have a solid back for that which i do. Seems better than an ab roller though to me.

GOrdonJevitt: What could be easier for stomach fat than 8 Minute Abs! I may even cut out carbs.

LUKE F: Well it might be a little old but, I think 8 Minute Abs is probaly a decent stomach fat workout. Course you can’t let your diet go, gotta still eat whole grains, fresh produce, lean proteins, or, its all for naught. That goes for an abdominal toning belt and cardio twister too, still gotta eat right no matter what you do.

V>: are you kidding, never forget about cardio, cardio is even more important than any Stomach fat burning exercises out there. 8 Minute Abs sounds good don’t give me wrong. Just saying cardio is a must.

KarrieLOvePeace: Would love to get rid of stomach fat with only 8 Minute Abs! is it possible?

Ray_route66: Not sure about getting rid of fat, prob have to do a diet for that and do a lot of cardio but i think an 8 Minute abs routine is better than nothing at all! :)

Anonymous: how difficult are the 8 MInute Abs routines. Guess I should look on youtube but an abdominal toner sounds a bit easier. I MUST get rid of my stomach fat ASAP.

DEB: For real, is it only 8 Minute Abs once a day, every day, and for how long. I dont have much time for stomach fat burning exercises so a quick video like this is, best I think. The Ab Flex also looks ok but nt sure how much time that takes.

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