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Everlast Women's Sauna Suit
Review Summary
Since its launch in 1910, Everlast has been a big name in the boxing arena, developing everything from boxing gloves and heavy bags to protective gear. The Everlast name was designed to let their customers know that their products are as long lasting and durable as they are results oriented. While for decades boxing and fitness were menís arenas, times have certainly changed, and Everlast has kept up by launching a full range of womenís workout and fitness adjuncts and systems, including the Everlast Women's Sauna Suit.

Everlast Women's Sauna Suit is used to increase both core and full body slimming, to augment water weight loss, and to keep usersí muscles warm to enhance their workout. You may well have seen this adjunct featured on the fitness and sports sites that currently market it.

The Everlast Women's Sauna Suit can be worn while you play a game, go for a walk, or do your usual cardio or resistance based workout. The heat it generates reportedly decreases water weight, as would time spent in a high quality sauna. But, according to some experts, this kind of super heating can increase fat burning as well during a full body or stomach fat workout.

Another side benefit of the Everlast Women's Sauna Suit is that the heat keeps the userís muscles supple and warm, while working out to reduce injuries and strains. It is reported that many women also use these kinds of sauna suits while they do a series of stomach fat burning exercises, which may include a session on the ab crunch machine or a series of crunches and sit ups, to intensify results.

The Everlast Women's Sauna Suit is a rather inexpensive fitness adjunct, often priced at $12.95 on fitness and general retail sites. You can even find it being sold on specialty sites, including boxing and karate sites.

While you may expect to find the Everlast Women's Sauna Suit being sold on the Everlast website, itís not. They actually sell this product through a network of retail sites, as well as local sports shops and gyms. These sites post its specs and features, including the fact that it was designed especially for women and offers a one size fits all approach. Additionally, the Everlast Women's Sauna is hand washable, so users donít have to worry about taking it to the dry cleaners.

Final Facts
The Everlast Women's Sauna Suit was designed to provide users with a way to reduce water weight gain, as well as increase fat burning so that users are able to lose butt, thigh, back, and stomach fat faster. The Everlast Women's Sauna Suit is also said to be easy to use and, as you may have already guessed, itís light weight enough so thatís its easily stored away in a bag, locker, or drawer when your not using it.

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9 Responses to “EverlastWomensSaunaSuit”

Isla: Ice deifniely heard of Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit but I am unsure how this works. I want to read more ab belt reviews to get a sense of how this would fit in with my new fitness program to lose weight.

Deana: can’t seem to find Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit anywhere but I saw an ab belt reviews in which, they sound intersting.

Anonymous: Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit is $12.95? GO!

tina: The Everlast women’s Sauna Suit sounds perfect to help burn some stomach fat. What kind of exercises do you dp when you wear it though?

lil_darlene44: IS the Everlast women’s sauna suit cute? Because, I wanna look GOOD during my stomach fat burning exercises & not like one of them fake sumo wrestlers in their fat suits. Maybe a sleek ab belt is a better choice?

Xandra: Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit, what’s it made out of because I’m allergic to rubber?

Gretchen S: Not sure I’m so into the Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit, but mabye the sauna ab belt I’ve seen, or that Flex belt everyones alway s talking about. I realy want to focus on and target the stomach fat and ab muscles more than anything, so am thinkig that the way to go.

CatCastle: would feel awfully silly in the gym in thi Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit but using a stomach fat ab machine is not my style either.

Don: always a good idea to drink plenty of water, Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit or not!

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