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Fat Burning Machine
Review Summary
Finding a tool that can help you burn stomach fat and get in better shape is not that difficult. Finding the right one for your particular needs can take a bit more time and effort. The reason? There are simply hundreds of choices out there. This review will help you get a little more information about the Fat Burning Machine system, one of your options when a stomach fat diet or weight loss regimen is in order. This particular system comes in the form of a book with a complete title of Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine. This book is said to contain the information to help you make the necessary changes that will lead you to a leaner and stronger body.

The Fat Burning Machine was developed by John Abdo, someone who is said to be 45 years old with only 5% body fat. His success is due to healthy and simple lifestyle choices, choices that you can make too. Abdo has reportedly trained world class athletes and now wants to help regular people achieve their fitness goals. Within the pages of the Fat Burning Machine program are details on how a diet can change your metabolism. The book includes quizzes to help you determine your needs, recipes, a nutrition guide, and a 30 day meltdown program to help you lose up to 25 pounds within one month.

The Fat Burning Machine program can be found on Abdo’s official website and through several retailers. In most cases, it comes with a 10 minute DVD workout to help you reach your goals more quickly. The package, when sold on the official website, retails for $9.95 at the time of this review.

The official website of the Fat Burning Machine is quite simple. There isn’t a whole lot of content. But you can learn more about the program through a video that’s found there. There are a few before and after photos as well. Other retailers offer additional information on the program as well as consumer reviews submitted by people who have tried the system.

Final Facts
The Fat Burning Machine program is one that’s advertised to help you increase metabolism, lose stomach fat, and gain a healthier body. It was written by a coach and trainer named John Abdo and can be found online through an official website and through several different retailers. The program is a 30 day system that promises you can lose up to 25 pounds within that first 30 days. With it you get a book and a 10 minute workout DVD. The book features the details of the program and even includes recipes to assist you in making the lifestyle changes necessary for weight loss.

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