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Review Summary
Lipozene is a weight loss formula created to help people in reaching their stomach fat reduction goals and general fitness aspirations. It is reported to be clinically proven and can be found on an official website as well as on television. The supplement is one of many currently on the market that is said to help people without requiring stomach fat burning exercises or even a change in diet. Instead, the maker says, the supplement itself is all that’s needed. The official website indicates this supplement is both safe and effective.

Lipozene is one of many weight loss supplements currently found online. This particular formula, however, can also be seen on television. The creator says that this weight loss aid is backed by numerous clinical studies that prove its effectiveness. They say the user doesn’t have to change their diet or activity level in order to achieve fitness results with this formula. When using Lipozene, the maker says that 78% of each pound lost is pure fat. They credit the effectiveness of the formula with the Konjac Root, or Glucomannan. They describe this ingredient as a water soluble fiber that’s been used as a stomach fat loss aid in Japan for years. They connect this ingredient to reducing instances of constipation, reducing cholesterol, and regulating blood sugar levels in addition to helping lose stomach fat and weight in general.

At the current time, you can find Lipozene being sold on the official website for $29.95. This price is for one single bottle. However, when you order this single bottle, you get another bottle free and you get a bottle of the manufacturer’s metabolism booster called Metabo Up.

The official website helps explain why people are interested in the Lipozene product, showing the supplement and how its active ingredient reportedly works. The results are said to be guaranteed, and the manufacturer offers a 30-day risk free trial offer. On the site we also learn that over 10 million bottles of Lipozene have been sold thus far.

Final Facts
As discussed, Lipozene is a weight loss supplement that can be found online and through television advertisements. It is a product designed to aid people with losing weight without the typical stomach fat diet or workout. It is said to include one active ingredient, a water soluble fiber that apparently works to improve digestion while also speeding weight loss. They say the Lipozene formula is backed with clinical studies and is proven effective. It is backed with a satisfaction guarantee and can be purchased with a 30 day risk free trial offer. At the writing of this review, when you purchase Lipozene you get another bottle free and a bottle of Metabo Up as well.

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20 Responses to “Lipozene”

LYDia: CAn u for real lsoe weight with LIpoZene and NOt gotta do stomach fat burning exercises??

Amy Lee: well i read that you can loose weight with Lipozene but i also read that you don’t even need to diet or change your workout routine! Well i don’t see how this is gonna get rid of stomach fat without exercising or dieting!

SerenaG: Really not so familar with stomach fat diet pills like LIpozene, i just saw the commercial on Tv and thoght maybe it would be the one. NOt sure its really gonna do it , if you don’t also do cardio, and probbly a stomach fat workout of some sort, or else oyou just gonna have lots of loose flabby skin.


Anonymous: well the as seen on tv commercial talks about Lipozene targeting body and stomach fat so maybe it’s true, you don’t need to really change your diet! that would awesome!

HOLLY LEWIS: SO How does it wokr exactly, you just dont eat so much with Lipozene? Sound s promising to me. I really don’t do well, following diet plans or anythig so a pill to just like, not be hungry, sounds about perfect. Am So sick Of the stomach fat.

Shawn: yeah LIpozene side does say that you don’t need to make any lifestyle changes but i am not naive, i know i eat terrible processed food and even if Lipozene help, i still need a stomach fat diet to loose all the fat. An abs workout would be nice too. Maybe an abdominal belt or an ab roller? will see.

betsy F: yeah well just the commercial says so..i don’t know, sounds like maybe lipoZene could be useful i still think i t would be smart to try a stomach fat diet at the same time, so that theweight wont al l come back.

Anonymous: ooh do u mean like the Vibro BElt? that could be fun, and along with lIpozene u don really have ta DO anyting!

Juniper52: HEres my question: SHould i still packa lunch with LipoZene, or will i t just go to waste? I hate to waste food even tho i do need to lose some of this stomach fat.

Sarah: an ab belt is a great idea to tone those abs muscles, let’s just hope Lipozene helps get rid of stomach and butt fat.

ben: well i believe, whatever diet you do, don’t skip any meal. Just eat heathy. What made you think you wouldn’t need lunch with LIpozene?

andy: not sure a vibrating belt is the best one, just from what i’ve read. if you want a real ab toning & stomach fat workout sems like the EMS fleX belt is the one to go for. Also in a greement, despite the TV ads, maybe gonna take more than Lipozene alone.

Crystal J.: yeah flex belt looks cool, i think i Lisa rinna uses it and she looks hot. I Wonder the kind her stomach fat burning exercises she dies becasue the girl has no body fat and she is no 20 anymore. Lipozene sounds but what are the ingredients?

Juniper52: WEll, you konw it says to take Lipozene before meals so then f you aren’t hungry maybe youd be wasting food. If u don’t eat much dinner, leftovers can be saved but the lunch, would just be thrown out. THx tho, i don’t believe in skippin meals either just want to be sure. Maybe i just don’t get how this stuff works.

DAve: Main ingredient is glucomannan, thats what it says in LipoZENE review above. Guess its used in Japan for stomach fat loss; doesn’t mean i won’t look into the ab Circle pro or an ab belt as well.

missdarcy: the tv commercial i saw doesnt say how lipozene works just that its clinically proven. think i stil want more info.


ruby t: very curious about liPoZene & totaly wanna flex belt too!

eric d: So then Lipozene like, fills you up, but does not sound like burns fat. Hmm. Gona check for a stomach fat diet i think.

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