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Max Turbo Slimming Belt
Review Summary
The Max Turbo Slimming Belt, an ab trainer, was designed to do the workout for you, so you can reduce stomach fat and increase core muscle tone, while you do other activities, ranging from working and commuting to watching TV and even going for a walk. While some ab belts are designed to offer heat generating weight loss, this system uses heat as well as three other technologies, including massage, ventilation, and oscillating movement. Reportedly, these technologies allow the Max Turbo Slimming Belt to increase fat burning while giving the core a workout. Let’s check out the other features said to be included in its design.

The stomach fat workout offered by the Max Turbo Slimming Belt is clearly made possible by the technology used in its design, but according to its marketing copy, it also offers users features that make using it easier, while including programming that prevents plateauing. This developer also suggests that this ab belt can offer users other side benefits, including improved digestion, augmented circulation, and a higher level of relaxation.

The Max Turbo Slimming Belt is wrapped around the waistline and can be worn under or over clothing. The hand held controller is used to set your workout pace. You can choose from one of five programs, and it can be placed on either a manual or automatic setting. The speed and direction of the oscillation can also be adjusted into order to meet your workout goals. The Max Turbo Slimming Belt handheld controller is also equipped with a LCD display and LED back light, so you can track your workout.

The Max Turbo Slimming Belt is now selling through a select number of retailers for $89.99. The package includes the actual belt, as well as controller, power adapter, a manual, and a carrying bag. When placing an order you can choose from one of five colors: black, yellow, red, green, and blue.

As we noted above, the Max Turbo Slimming Belt is currently being sold through retail sites, although you may also find it being sold in some local stores. But most experts suggest that online venues tend to offer special price breaks or extras, like free shipping. Many of the sites that carry the Max Turbo Slimming Belt provide pictures of the actual device, while also giving users access to its specs and discussing its programming options. Some even provide access to customer generated ratings and reviews.

Final Facts
According to its developer, users will see results in terms of the tone and slimness of their core, even if they use the Max Turbo Slimming Belt for as little as ten minutes a day. They also let their customers know that it can be adjusted to work other problem areas, including the shoulders, thighs, hips, and back. As is the case with many other core trainers and fitness systems, the Max Turbo Slimming Belt is often teamed up with a stomach fat diet to enhance results and keep people on track.

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21 Responses to “MaxTurboSlimmingBelt”

Cora: It seems to say the Max Turbo Slimming Belt is an abdominal toning belt…which is basically what I am resaerching but I also need to add a stomach fat diet, so looking for tips for good mealplans and how to shop for eating better and having energy to exercise my abs and do cardio.

Alexandra: The Max Turbo slimming belt seems a bit on the bigger side, how big and heavy is it exactly? can i exercise while wearing it?

Anonymous: so the Max Turbo Slimming belt helps with digestion? I can eat more and not get full so fast? AWESOME, wanna build up some stomach fat to get to a six pack…thx.

Jeff: The Max Turbo slimming belt seems a bit on the bigger side, how big and heavy is it exactly? can i exercise while wearing it?

MatthewB: Max Turbo Slimming Belt, EMS or NOT? Tha’ts what Im holding our for, stomach fat workout I don’t have to do, what could be better than that?

Kennedy7995: Man you pepes are so hung up on this Max Turbo Slimming Belt, whine whine it’s too big it’s to hevy it’s to WHAT? Use it or don’t, whats the biggy???

Bess: My waist has incresed in size so I am thinking an ab belt such as the Max Turbo Slimming Belt btu not exactly because I need to exercse in not a lot of time that will be most effective,

Lynn: Stomach fat burning exercises with Max Turbo Slimming belt, or just a way to relax? Which I can do on my own, thank you very much, flat abs is what I’m after.

StevenT: Stomach fat diet + Max Turbo Slimming Belt = self esteem.

Will: LOL :) well hopefully. I also like the look and sound of other abs belts like flex belt and contour abs. I wonder what’s teh difference with this one ( max turbo Slimming belt)?

Kelly: 10 minutes a day with this Max Turbo Slimming Belt seems about rght o me, who can’t do that for a stomach fat workout?

Anonymous: Though I am never sure about how to achieve 6 pack abs I think the Max Turbo Slimming Belt looks simple enough better than an ab rocket ior soemthing that looks hard.

cheezzboy: stomach fat diet includ wit Max Turbo?

INa: TOtaly understand that an ab toning belt could help improve circulation but aiding in digestion? HOw exactly does the Max TURBO slimming Belt help with that?? ANyway, I’m debating btwn this and the Flex belt, for part of my stomach fat workout. The flex seems real popular, trying to get as much info on these things as i can,

Susan: Flt abs bi summer or im gonna be muy sad how to get them is the ???? so does the Max Turbo Slimming belt wrok as god as a ab rocket becuz i am detrmnde.

Maura: Well it’s probably a combination of stomach fat diet and exercise/ slimming Belt…that should do it to be ready for bikini. Not sure what diet though, ideas?

Anonymous: removing the stomach fat from mu body means removing fats from my diet which means I need to give up cheeseburgers which wil suck, so my exercise dcannot suck. crunchers are awful and I dont want to do them so I am reading about ab belts and considerning the likes of Max Turbo Slimming Belt which i can do at home.

HannahMay: Yah just wondern g if the MAX TurBo slimming belt is comfy to wear, like while doing aerobics and other high intensity stomach fat burning exercises. DO ppl use this ab belt that way??

K.: weight watchers and south beach diet are known to be good diets, for stomach fat and everything. I think ishould read more ab belt reviews, this sounds good and all but i want to get the best one.

Ariana: Using a Max Turbo Slimming Belt might be usefull but you have to cut cabrs as well or else you will never get into skinny jeans.

DrEA: Yes I think so too,a stomach fat diet plus an abs belt, like max turbo slimming belt or else an ab rocket or whatever abdominal toner you like, is the best idea.

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