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Miracle Slim Wrap The At-Home Spa Quality Body Wrap
Review Summary
This amazing product is known on the wrap market as the inch reducer and detoxifier par excellence. By using it for just an hour on the love handles, buttocks, thighs, waist, biceps, or other problem areas, consumers can experience the full effect of this Spa-Quality Body Wrap Immediate Inch Reduction system.

The spa wrap phenomenon looks to be gaining in popularity. But as it does so, consumers are discovering two things: spa wraps are expensive, and home wrap recipes are not always reliable. Enter Miracle Slim Wrap: cost effective, efficient, known for its ability to reduce inches, cellulite, and toxicity.

Miracle Slim Wrap is a safe alternative to professional spa wraps and homemade options. It’s the best of all possible worlds, however. It slims and tones, detoxifies, and diminishes stretch marks and cellulite. This or that wrap or recipe might do one or another of these things, but Miracle Slim Wrap, as a truly miraculous wrap, accomplishes all of it for you in one short hour.

You can also visit the official Miracle Slim Wrap website by clicking here.
Ingredients at a Glance
Let’s look in more detail at the particulars of the Miracle Slim Wrap. It is an astounding product, but there’s a reason for consumer astonishment.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And this is great pudding. Miracle Slim Wrap uses a scientifically formulated blend of organic ingredients, including these active agents: Glacial Clay, Seabed Clay, Amino Acid blend, and Aloe Vera, as a base. Together, these active ingredients work to draw toxins out of the body. These toxins are largely present because of the environments in which we live and the lifestyle choices we make. We consume various air pollutants, smoke, smog, and other nasty things just by being out and about. But we also accumulate lots of unfortunate what have you from lotions, perfumes, medications, and other seemingly innocuous products. And on top of this, we enjoy our fatty, processed foods, which are the partially hydrogenated icing on the cake. When it’s all said and done, we lead rather toxic lives. So getting rid of toxins is a major feat of the Miracle Slim Wrap.

But in addition to this, Miracle Slim Wrap does a simple, practical job of pushing things back into place. As the clays and aminos are detoxifying the tissues, the wrap itself is compressing the body, pushing skin into more taut positions, tightening lumps, trimming bumps, diminishing cellulite, and even conditioning and reducing stretch marks.

The end result is a healthy look to the skin and a deep detoxification underneath. And on average, users experience the following types of inch reduction results:

• Biceps: 1-2 inches
• Abs: 1-3.5 inches
• Waist: 1-4 inches
• Buttocks: 1-1.5 inches
• Thighs: 1.6-5 inches
• Mid Thighs: 1-4 inches

These are serious inch reduction results. If you’ve got extra whatnot to lose, Miracle Slim Wrap is the way to do it. And with the penetrating detoxifying action, you can be sure we’re not talking about water or excess fluid loss. We’re talking about real results via save, 100% organic ingredients that will heal the tissues and condition the skin.

If you’re looking for a clinically proven wrap and don’t want to visit the spa, visit the Miracle Slim Wrap website. Learn how to get rid of all the bad stuff in a safe, efficient, and natural manner. We recommend it for anyone.

Click Here to visit the official Miracle Slim Wrap site
Miracle Slim Wrap starts at the low price of $69.99, which will provide the consumer with 8 treatments. This is peanuts compared to the cost of 8 treatments at a spa, or enough ingredients to make 8 of your own wrap treatments. Each box of Miracle Slim Wrap comes with 2 bandages that should be used up to 4-5 times a piece. You can place them wherever you like: love handles, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, biceps, or anywhere else you want to eliminate toxins and reduce flab.

Happily, Miracle Slim Wrap is guaranteed for 60 days, or your money back. You won’t find any spas backing their wrap procedures like this. How could they?

And what’s more: Miracle Slim Wrap is sold at a savings for those who want to stock up:

• 1 Box - $69.99
• 2 Boxes: $134.99 (save $5)
• 3 Boxes: $194.99 (save $15)
• 4 Boxes: $249.99 (save $30)
• 5 Boxes: $299.99 (save $50)
• 6 Boxes: $349.99 (save $70)

Easy, Convenient Miracle Slim Wrap official site

Miracle Slim Wrap’s website is the place to visit for all the information and purchase options you could need. The site is loaded with educational diagrams, explanations, FAQs, customer testimonies, and plenty of directions and insight on how to use the product. If you’re wondering how this spa quality, clinically proven miracle can work for you, visit the Miracle Slim Wrap official website today. You can even contact the company directly if you need to get right down to brass tacks immediately. And don’t forget to read up on the 60 day money back guarantee while you’re at it.

Click Here to visit Miracle Slim Wraps official Website
• Immediate results for inch loss and toning.
• Deep detoxification.
• Useful over the long term and for a quick slimming effect.
• Safe, clinically proven, and 100% organic.
• Guaranteed or your money back.
• Very popular already among many consumers.
• Miracle Slim Wrap is not recommended for pregnant women, though breastfeeding mothers can use it safely.
• Miracle Slim Wrap is not sold in stores. But this means consumers can buy it directly from the company, with the full money back guarantee.
Final Thoughts
There’s no reason to settle for expensive spa procedures or shoddy homemade wrap recipes. Go with a clinically proven, 100% organic, all natural wrap that has been tried and proven efficient for real slimming, deep detoxifying, and significant cellulite reduction. If you have problem areas, and you want a little help, visit the Miracle Slim Wrap website today. Try it out. Take advantage of the 60 day guarantee, because you’ve got nothing to lose.

Click Here to visit the Miracle Slim Wrap official website

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59 Responses to “MiracleSlimWrap”

Meg-beth: Would you not expect to give up your cheesy breads and submit to a stomach fat focused diet?

Sarah: DO i have to diet with this? I was thinking about just maybe doing crunches with the ab rocket thing and maybe adding a miracle slim wrap to the routine? would that work too?

K.Bloom: I love the idea of an at home spa. So the miracle slim wrap how are you supposed to do it?

Anonymous: well you are supposed to soak the product in boiling water for like 15′ before applying it to the skin, so my guess is much like at the spa, the wrap must be warm. I think it would feel good. Hopefully it helps me loose some stomach fat too :)

karen young: yes, probably relaxing, good for stomach fat AND, also read mIracle Slim wrap is good for the skin.

Anonymous: ON the miracle slim site, i saw a picture of a woman wearing the wrap around her chest? Why there? I am just curious.

franco2: LOL i saw that 2!

peterReilly: Seems like women can use the miracle slim wrap more than a man would. I think men like the abs belt type product for stomach fat and getting ripped more.

BC: K lemme get this straitght. THIs MIRACle Slim wrap, is more like, a detox ab belt, than one of those electric ab shocker things? So then what about toning, or doing some kind of cleanse, how does this compares to those??

Maria: Well miracle slim wrao has nothing in common with an abdominal toning belt!! It’s a detox product that maybe helps loose a bit off problems area like L. handles, buttocks….and stomach fat…..I would defiantly make it a spa experience at home if i used it. :)

AK: LOOKS LIKE she is wrapped around the chest to target love handles, not stomach fat. WHich is i have to say a great idea! those handle in my back are driving me nuts!

olives&rocks: Oooh great idea! MAybe using a colon cleanser can help get rid of the stomach fat, too, and then you try the miracle slim wrap for the rest, and for nicer skin. Cleanse Rx looks like a good product too, FYI.

gene_machine: LOVE HANDLES :( driving me nuts,too, what stomach fat burning exercises are good for thems anyways? something like, cardio twister? maybe that + miracle slim wrap, is most effiecent????


serra93: how many miracle SLIM wrap sessions, until all tht thigh, butt, arm & stomach fat is g-o-n-e?

msDella: I dunno but, jsut read one session is only a hour.

Ben: SO with miracle slim wrap do you also get rid of bad toxins? Or is this just for better skin? I have terrible gut, “AKA Stomach Fat.”

Thomas: I guess, the Miracle Slim Wrap would be good for my wife who does not have her body back since having our son over 2 years ago. I will tell her about this.

ray: PPL – it doesn’t matter where the WRAP goes only wheere you put the CLAY!!

Graham87: So, Im not too proud to use a Miracle slim Wrap. I would love to burn the toxins and get the stomach fat removed with effort, but with help, also. Is this cheating?

Nancy: What I read was, the MiracleSlim Wrap replenishes the skin sorta the healthy minerals route, so i guess thats like a skin detox? Would think that would somehow impact stomach fat too, who knows.Seems more fun than an ab roller but not my Richard Simmons DVD. :)

Anonymous: I wish miracle slim wrap came with hot guy to put mud all over me!!!!! :) :) :)

Kelly: My problem area is my butt. What about this for there too? Anyone try the flex mini? Yeah, my stomach fat bothers me too but not as much as my butt.

Anonymous: I am all for a better $$$ way to go the spa.

Kristen S.: Oh, I was reading about that Flex Mini! Maybe the Miracle SLim Wrap for the stomach fat & then the flex mini for toning the butt.


cathy: maybe, yeah, BUT diet is still very important. Eat well & doing your body good seems like a solid path, verses like binging on wine & chocolate.

FRANNIE: What should i work out WITH, Mr Smarty Pants? I HATE crunches, so that’s out. What about the ab roller, or that Malibu Pilates chair I’ve seen, would those help tone and get the stomach fat off me??

Paula: Well a lot of ppl like malibu pilates for abs…But it still takes effort…I have read that the flex belt one can do 150 crunches per session.

Diana Reynolds: No matter what you do or what kind of ab toner you try, whether you want an ab circle pro or an ab flex or WHATEVER, you still probably have those areas that just arent, smooth, skin. Sounds like maybe the MiRacle Slim wrap things more for that part.

Anonymous: That makes sense.


VickY: Hey don’t knock Spanx, that comes in handy from time to time ;) But yeah, if u can actually take some of the inches OFF, thats def better, I agree. And also,what sort of stomach fat workout and abdominal toner would you all suggest, to REALLy get in awesome shape?

ANON: Would you think a miracle slim wrap would be good to do while you are on a detox cleanse for loosing stomach fat?

Kristy: HOme workouts and home spas, thats where its AT! thinking either, Ab circle pro or else an EMS abs belt, maybe that perfect pushup thing and a miracle slim wrap, to complete the package. MY LONG TERM PLAN !!!!!!!!!

George: To me, the Miracle slim Wrap seems like a great way to get going on a healthy eating plan. I dont use the d word, but I do stomach fat exercises like using an ab belt at the gym I am always trying to know more and be healthier so this could add to my arsenal of ways to get in the best shape of my life.

bea: kinda seems like,this would be good to do at ANY time. i never realized, that soaps, lotions, perfumes,etc, were so clogging to the skin, like it mentons on the miracle Slim wrap site. a periodic cleanse seems IDEAl way to sttay healthy.

Jessica M.: wow 150 crunches a session? i can’t even do 5 i think on my own :( — Hey does the miracle Slim wrap have any scent? I am very particular with smells.

Clio: Worst of all are diets when you cant even have a cube of cheese?! I mean really a stomach fat diet has to be satisfying or you wont stick on it. The way to get slim may be a combo of miracle slim wrap and intense cardio every other day at the gym. I love to see results right away so that would make sense to me.

TammyJo: EAT fresh fruits & veggies, drop the sugar, SIMPLE!

Winnie_atwork: WILL THE MIRACLE SLIM WRAP get me in a smaller dress size soon? I mean, SOON? I am desperate and will do anything to not have anyone see this stomach fat I have put on. I feel very heavy and u*ly. help, abs people!

L.D.: That review I read, on the Miracle Slim wrap, says it only takes an hour to do a wrap session,SO, i guess its quick?

Joe: You guys sounds like you are 5 and still believe in Santa!! If you are fat you need to diet, if you have a little problem area you want fix, maybe use this to clean it up.

KATH: WEll, if you feel heavy& ugly, as u say, maybe try exercising, like walking or joggin g with an abs contour belt, or do a cleanse like others have tlked about, in additon to a miralce slimWrap. I think the Flex belt is suppose to get u results very fast.

MR_BOB05: what are u sayin? santa;s not real??? course we konw

dana hurley: Forget about stomach fat, its the HIPS that need some love & attention. Can’t seem to get them slimmer no matter what kin d of exercises & diets I do. Hoping the MIRacle slim wRap, is as goo d for that area, as it says.

Allie: The miracle slim wrap would be perfect for my left thigh! It’s slightly bigger than my right one and it us driving me crazy!!!!!! no one apparently seem to notice but i can and that’s bad enough. finger crossed!

Susan: Am ready to indulge in a spa activity at home. calgon, take me away ) and take aaway my stomach fat LOL

Dan: Miracle Slim WRap what?! Sounds like a way tot he love handles which exercise – not even ab belt exercise – can touch, IMHO.

swoozy: personaly, could use spot treatments in SEVERAl areas, & looks like, miracle slim wrap could do the trick. think its ok to drink wine while using it?

NOSUGAR: Working my abs is a chore, I hate crunches and all stomach exercises I loathe,e xcelt the ab roller – that looks fun! Miracle slim wrap seems like a good idea for when my sister is visiting. we always get a kick out of this stuff – not quite the same as the suzanne summer thigh master…though. :)

BettyBray: so i read that miracle slim wrap comes in a box with 8 sachets of the clay base and 2 wraps bandages. Can u re-use the bandage?

chris: SO it’s cool for men to use Miracle slim wrap too right? I have some stomach fat issues i would like to get rid of.

v2: on the site, i seen pix of guys wearing the miracle slim wraps = SEXY!

Pete Brown: Yeah it’s for dudes too.

johnnyT.: SO far for me jumping rope, the ab crunch machine at the gym has been my plan to help target those muscles. for wht doesn;t get toned, might use a wrap to make it go away.

Mia: My diet is under control. I don’t eat any processed food, no sugar and low carb. I just have love handles and at first i though about maybe trying the ab roller for that but i think the miracle slim wrap sounds better.

gem11: umm, yes to all?? :)

Meredith: Working out is great and all, if you have the time…this looks good for those nights I don’t feel like it.

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