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New Body Shaper
Review Summary
So once you realize your belly has gotten out of hand, there are lots of short and long term solutions available, including stomach fat burning exercises and stomach fat diet. But what if you want to instantly slim down? Well the New Body Shaper by Kymaro was designed to provide users with an instant slimming like affect, letting the user look like they’ve been doing an extensive stomach fat workout, only they haven’t. The New Body Shaper is designed to be worn under your clothing so that it smoothes away bulges and rolls, using the latest technology. Let’s take a closer look at the device to see what it’s all about.

The New Body Shaper is marketed as being a “seamless shaper” that doesn’t use under wires or other constricting methods to slim the user’s mid section. Instead, they reportedly use state of the art materials that pull in and smooth out rolls and bulges, while keeping the user’s comfortably factor on high. In the end, they suggest that users will end up with smoother lines and hotter curves, no matter what they are wearing, whether it’s casual day to day wear or a special dress or outfit. The New Body Shaper is available in both nude and black, and it comes in six sizes at this time.

The New Body Shaper is usually priced at $39.95, but right now the price has dropped to $29.95, and it’s covered by a thirty day money back guarantee. They are also including a free set of their bottom shaper shorts in either black or nude with each order, for the cost of shipping and handling.

The New Body Shaper gives you access to lots of information about this product, including sizes, colors, and how it looks. They also post lots of before and after photos, so you can actually see its slimming and smoothing abilities. They post the New Body Shaper size chart, so you can easily place an order. As we mentioned earlier, they are also sending along the New Body Shaper shorts with each order, and on the site you can get a better idea of what they have to offer too. Kymaro suggests that these shorts not just make you look thinner but they get rid of unsightly panty lines too.

Final Facts
The New Body Shaper was the beginning of the Kymaro body shaping line, and as we saw above, it’s designed to slim away stomach fat, so users get a slimmer and more toned body as soon as they put it on. This system doesn’t use hooks or under wire, so it’s marketed as being extremely comfortable, as well as being effective. You can learn more about this system on its home site, as well as by checking out what your peers are saying on rating and review sites.

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7 Responses to “NewBodyShaper”

EdMayo: Is the New Body Shaper just for women? i want to diet/exercise but in the meantime I would like to look slimmer..

Amber: Using the New Body Shaper seems very practical to me. I am all about changing my diet to remove stomach fat eventually, but being sensible., I know it will take time so I am willing to wear this weird udnergarment so I can not look too fat at parties this spring.

Vid1988: Is New Body Shaper like cheap as Spanx?!

Cleo: This is such a great idea, this New Body shaper I can get rid of stomach fat just by putting one on! Which doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try and lose weight, exercise, but if I can look good while I’m doing it, why not?

Sarah: not sure how much is spanx but New Body shaper is around 39 bucks. Looks prefect for special occasion when i need the stomach fat to disappear for a few hours! Shall i invest in a back or a white?

N.Younger: Well I think you should go for the white NewBody Shaper because it’s more summery, although the black is nice too because it’s slimming, maybe you get a discount if you buy more than one pair?

drea: sorry think i want a flex belt to get RID of stomach fat, not jsut the new body shaper to HIDE it.

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