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ProForm Cardio Glide Plus
Review Summary
Having flatter abs has always been deemed more attractive, but these days having flatter abs also means being healthier. In fact, the more belly fat people have the greater their risk for having a heart attack, high blood pressure, and a myriad of other heath issues. So what’s the first exercise that comes to mind when you’re looking to start a stomach fat workout?

The answer is usually crunches or sit ups, and there are lots of adjuncts designed to make them easier, and some, like the ProForm Cardio Glide Plus, are designed to tone other areas of the body as well. In fact, according to its developer, this training station can assist users with doing over 70 different strength and cardio based exercises to tone the upper and lower body, as well as the core.

The ProForm Cardio Glide Plus was launched by ProForm, a company with a long history in the fitness arena, having created a wide range of cardio and strength training machines. Its design includes a rowing machine, which can be used to increase fat burning, endurance, and strength, as well as work off stomach fat.

But its design also allows you to do a series of bench based crunches or weighted sit ups, as well as sculpting exercises that tone the chest, shoulders, legs, and back using the system’s built-in resistance based technology. That said, a cushioned seating, hand straps, and arms that move independently are all included in its design as well.

Right now the ProForm Cardio Glide Plus is selling for $186.54 via various online retail sites. If you shop around you may well find some sites offering special perks, like free shipping, which, when it comes to large scale workout machines, like this one, can translate into real savings.

While the ProForm Cardio Glide Plus looks like a workout bench, according to its developer, it’s designed to be more. Featuring a compact design that makes it easy to integrate into a home gym, part of its reported effectiveness is linked to its integrated Resistance System. You can get more information on this system via their website or the retail sites that carry it.

You can also check out the machine’s design and the built in LCD Workout Monitor, which lets you track the rowing cycles, as well as calories burned, distance, and time. Some sites also post customer reviews and ratings so that you can see how this machine actually performed once your peers got it home.

Final Facts
ProForm Cardio Glide Plus was reportedly designed to provide users with a full body and stomach fat workout using resistance based strength training techniques, as well as a cardio workout due to its built in rowing machine. Also, while it comes with a built in resistance system, users can also add on additional weights so that they can continue to grow their workout gains over the long haul, as well as the short term.

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13 Responses to “ProFormCardioGlidePlus”

monica3%: really hadn’t known how versatile the ProFOrm Cardio Glide PLUS was until i read this review. i really do have too much stomach fat that I wouldlike to get rid of, so knowing you can use the bench with this is cool. THough, an ab belt seems simpler than crunches..

Tina: I am considering the ProForm Cardio Glide Plus for my husband and i, me it’s more to do stomach fat burning Exercises and my husband it for a 6 pack. Just wondering if it’s the best choice or if something like ab circle pro?

CHRIS: I love the brown seat on the Proform cardio glide plus!! Hey, why is it called cardio? it’s a bench, though it was for muscles workout?

aj: Am sort of torn rihgt now btwn the Proform Cardio glide Plus and the Ab Circle Pro; both look like a decent way to perform stomach fat burning exercises at home…

abba_4ever: the design of the ProForm cardio glide PLUS includes a rowing machine, that’s what the review about says, hence the ‘cardio’ aspect. seems real versatile, i like what i see; now i gotta find a stomach fat DIET to follow or this will be useless.

Patricia WIlliams: Well to burn stomach fat you need more than a bench in my opinion. Cardio and diet are what you need. Although i am sure the proForm cardio Glide plus definitely helps. BTW does it come with a list of exercises i can do with it? I am not really athletic but wanna change that…. :)

Rebecca Green: for the cardio part, i think i would like the proForm cardio glide plus. but if yous till have to do crunches and stuff to tone, one of them abs belts seems cooler to me.

edward Knox: the ProForm Cardio Glide Plus sounds great but i just checked the dimensions and it’s too big for my space. How about just jogging with an abdominal toner, would that be enough to get stomach fat?

mr.ericT: review of the ProForm cardio glide plus sounds promising, but wanna know what ppl have to say about this,as far as an adequate stomach fat workout. i mean, maybe going for a run with teh Flex belt would be enough, that thing sounds pretty sweet.

Anonymous: This PROFORM cardio Glide plus looks lots more beneficial than an Ab Coaster. Ready to get rid of stomach fat ASAP.

Adam: DUde you don;t have room for the Proform, do you live in a closet?????? :)

rexDaddy: HAHAHAHAHA AND HAHA ! seriously the proform cardio glide is not that big but yeah a flex belt is definitely smaller.


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