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Rockin' Abs
Review Summary
When it comes to getting a good stomach fat workout, there are numerous options. From doing crunches at home to attending a workout class or purchasing a workout system, the fitness world is flooded with weight loss and fitness solutions. Rockin' Abs is just one of these solutions, and it can be found online through various retailers or seen on television. The machine is designed specifically to help people lose stomach fat and get in better shape overall. It supports the body and is said to provide support to allow for perfect abdominal workout form.

Rockin' Abs is a home workout item that can deliver results in only minutes a day, according to the manufacturer. The machine is said to be designed to cradle the body as the user rocks forward, engaging their abs for maximum stomach fat burning exercises. Rockin' Abs is also said to convert into a Pilates machine. Between the stomach fat workout and the Pilates, the maker says it’s possible to attain a long and lean body without pain and strain. It allows the user to focus on all of the abdominal muscles, from the lower to the upper, using Pinpoint Isolation Technology. This is said to separate it from other similar machines on the market.

At the writing of this review, Rockin' Abs can be found on a few prominent retail sites. It is currently priced at $99, which includes an instructional DVD. Prices vary slightly from retailer to retailer, however.

At one time there was an official website for Rockin' Abs. Now it seems that domain has been parked. It isn’t clear if this is temporary or if the manufacturer has decided to only market their product through other retailers and television. Regardless, the machine can be found on retail sites where there is plenty of useful information and even consumer reviews.

Final Facts
Rockin' Abs is a machine created for in home use. It is made specifically for people who want to lose stomach fat and get in better general physical fitness. It can be found on retailer sites and can occasionally be seen on television. Though there is no official website functioning at the time of this review, there is plenty of information about this product available online through a variety of sources. Because it is sold through several retailers, consumers will find it at a range of price points. The machine itself also converts to a Pilates machine and comes with an instructional DVD to assist users in making the most of their new purchase. Some retailers also note that the maker backs the product with a warranty to ensure customers are getting a higher quality product.

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18 Responses to “RockinAbs”

Becca G: So I Saw the commercial and Rockin’ AbS seems sorta fun too use, lik e ti would be comfy to sit on too. I need a stomach fat workout i can look forwad to .

Amanda_m3: i just watched the Rockin’ Abs tv commercial and it looks pretty easy to use, can you really get a sexy tummy and get rid of stomach fat doing just that?

Adam: which is easier rockin’ abs or ab rocket?

Debbie Williams: is the recipe booklet that comes with rockin’ Abs a stomach fat diet by any chance?

Lil'D: DOes ROCkin’ ABs work love handles or no?

devin L: to me the rockin’ abs look esier than ab coaster & some of the others but want still look around & see what seem to get beter results. i just want whtever stomach fat burning exercises i do to be worht it in theend.

Andrea Taylor: well only diet and cardio will be good to burn the love handles and the stomach fat. Good point though, how do you do obliques with Rockin’ Abs? looks like it’s more for upper and lower abs. Hard to say. looks like a fun way to do abs though. seems easier than the ab roller.

louise: Still, doesn’t lok like much neck support with Rockin abs, from the TV commercial i saw. Kinda thinking i wanna look into abs belts more, and also maybe a stomach fat diet.

Jackie D: So the DVD u get with ROckin’ abs is only instruction, not what u follow for workouts then? Hope this thing dont get boring too quick.

Colleen: yeah i think ab abdominal toning belt may be good enough for me, Rockin’ abs but don’t really wanna see the chair in my leaving room everyday, won’t really match my eames chairs.

Gavin: Does not sounds like RockiN’ aBs comes with diet plan but there are recipes here, that maybe could help reduce stomach fat. I belief, its gonna take both if u wanna see changes.

Nina: well i think the dvd has some pilates like exercises you can do with the Rockin’ abs. i hear pilates is great for core and may even help get rid of stomach fat. Not sure how easy it is though.

blueman86: ha yah u could sit in one of them fancy chairs & wear the flex belt & not gotta workout the same ways as with rockin’ abs. brilliant.

miles: IF it really only takes a few min a day of stomach fat burning exercises to see definiotion from RockIn’ Abs, I all for this thing. LOoks super easy to use & adjust.

Eve_R: Rockin Abs look like it still takes some motivation to use – I think I want teh Flex belt to save on time & still getta good stomach fat workout.

Denise Harris: yeah same here, although i have to say the flex belt looks pretty good too for abs workout. I think i read the belt can have you do up to 150 crunches per session…so i don’t know, will have to see adn read some more.


Anonymous: From what i understand Rockin’ Abs is more of a pilates machine, how does it compare to malibu pilates? I want something easy and on which i can do stomach fat burning exercises.

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