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Sauna Massage Belt
Review Summary
Stomach fat is the enemy of many adults. When it comes to fitness goals, losing fat around the midsection seems to be one of the most common. Precisely because of this, there are numerous gadgets, stomach fat diet plans, and stomach fat workout programs on the market that cater to people who want to tone and tighten their midsection. The Sauna Massage Belt is one of these items. It is an ab toning belt that is said to tone and tighten the abs using a massaging motion. It can currently be found online through one of the more popular auction sites and perhaps through additional retailers as well.

The Sauna Massage Belt is reported to do many things when used. According to retailers, it increases fat metabolism, increases blood circulation, and dissolves fat using a vibrating motion and oscillating massage action. Although the machine was made for reducing stomach fat, the maker states you can use it on other body areas as well. The machine is said to have five adjustable intensity levels, a remote control, and manual or automatic modes of functioning. When purchased from one particular retailer, you get a free measuring tape and a seven day diet plan as well.

The Sauna Massage Belt is available through a few different retailers at this time. On one specific vendor the machine is currently priced at $21.99. The retailer states this is a sale, and the machine was previously available for $39.95. At this time, there’s no indication whether they intend on raising the price back to the original price point again, or when such a change may occur.

Retailers offering the Sauna Massage Belt will have different features from site to site. Most offer a detailed product description and photos of the belt itself. Some may include consumer reviews and feedback. The satisfaction guarantee policies, prices, and shipping procedures will also vary between retailer websites. When products like this are offered through multiple retailers, it increases the number of sources, but it also increases the amount of research required by the potential customer.

Final Facts
Overall, the Sauna Massage Belt is an abdominal toning belt designed to assist people in losing stomach fat and toning their ab muscles. The machine can reportedly be used on other problem areas of the body, like the hips and thighs as well. As noted, the Sauna Massage Belt can be found through a few different retailer websites at this time. Many of these sites offer information on the belt as well as photos, consumer feedback, and varying prices and policies. One retailer offers a free tape measure and fitness guide with each purchase. This same retailer states their price is a significant drop from the original retail price, so it appears that it will be well worth your time to do a bit of research before deciding which retailer to purchase this product from.

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14 Responses to “SaunaMassageBelt”

mrsAgnesT: sounds like the sauna massage belt is meant to do a lot, are there some testimonials or before & after photos, I wuld really like to see more info about this ab belt.

BritNOLA5: this is good news! I am happy to not be alone in having stomach fat and hating it. I’l take a sauna masssage belt.

KiKi: How about a Sauna Massage Belt and a good stomach fat diet like maybe South Beach, I bet I could look sleek and sexy fast if I did both!

Gayle: YES! It is all about EMS, gotta CONTRACT those muscles, not just heat ‘em up & call em stomach fat burning exercises. Sauna massage belt seems so-so compared to higher tech ab belts like the ab flex belt.

Mark: Think this kinda Sauna Massage BElt is for chix not guys like me who are tough and strong but need some extra help with direct stomach fat burning exercises, looking at a cardio twister for my kinda workout.


Allison: I am curious to know if the Sauna Massage Belt will melt away stomach fat or what? honestly I really want a strong core so I think I will go in another direction but I can see why some women would like this.

Gina: Haha so true! stomach fat is the ENEMY!! LOL. i think abs belts look so cool, deciding btwn the sauna massage belt, the vibro belt and the flex belt. Suggestions?

Marty113: The Sauna Massage Belt is cheap enough for some kind of ab toning belt but I’M REALLY thinking the EMS ones like the Flex Belt are better if you’re into this kind of exercises for stomach fat…

Anonymous: what is the best price for sauna belt and do you really get a stomach fat workout? THX>

reynaldo213: Don’t think the Sauna Massage Belt is a good enough stomach fat workout for me if you got this kinda belly only something like an ab coaster is even gonna put a dent in what needs to be done.

Duane_reads: The Sauna Massage Belt looks fun but I dont think it will replace a cardio twister or another quality machine for stomach fat and toning.

Carrabba: sounds like the Sauna massage belt mostly gets rid of water and I need it to get rid of FAT, stomach fat diet also needed, anybody got a good one?

Denise: EMS? what;s EMS? does it have anything to do with PMS?

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