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Flex Belt - Rapid Stomach Toning Technology
Review Summary
Almost everyone needs more and more help when it comes to keeping their bodies in shape, especially since we end up finding that we have less and less time and energy. But we feel that the Flex Belt is a product that truly can change everything in this regard. Its breakthrough approach in Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) toning technology makes it possible for users to take an active role in addressing their stomach fat. And with research supporting the effectiveness of the Flex Belt, consumers can feel good about purchasing it. In fact in one clinical study, 100% of the subjects experienced flattening, strengthening, toning and stomach fat reducing results from using the Flex Belt. Plus, the Flex Belt is the first abdominal toning belt of its kind to receive FDA clearance as a class II medical device. It is understandable, then, that consumers are really excited about the Flex Belt, which offers them not only proven toning capabilities, but also customizable toning regimens. Quite simply, the Flex Belt’s intensity settings range from 1 to 150, making it a worthwhile tool for everyone, from the lazy couch potato, to the busy professional, and even the fitness enthusiast. Everyone can see an improvement in the appearance of their abs. In fact check out what Celebrity Denise Richards has to say about The Flex Belt.

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While EMS technology might be a new idea to some people, readers will be glad to learn that this approach has been around for decades, and that the makers of the Flex Belt have been right there all along. The makers are a medical device company and their EMS devices have been used in 5,000 clinics worldwide…these folks have no problem claiming to know exactly what they are doing with EMS and that they are the authority in the space. This is why their EMS Ab Belt is the best ever designed. This is not one of those cheap Ab Belts that cost $29.99 – this is the Ferrari in the Ab Belt space.

So, what is EMS, exactly? EMS is a technology that uses tiny electric micro-currents to contract and relax the muscles. This contraction and relaxation cycle mimics an active toning session, but because the pulses are causing the cycles, an individual is free to go about his or her day. The Flex Belt’s targeted approach means that its EMS transmitters are positioned so that the gentle pulses engage the entire abdomen for a full stomach fat reducing session….rather than working just one stomach area. Check out what Actress and Dancing With The Stars Diva, Lisa Rinna has to say about The Flex Belt.

Of course, the convenience of the Flex Belt’s EMS approach is matched by its customizable nature. As we mentioned previously, users are in control of how intense the toning regimen is. With variable intensity settings from 1 to 150, the individual chooses the level that he or she needs in order to really feel the intensity of an effective stomach toning workout. While some people might need to start out on a rather low setting and work their way up, others that are already in good shape can start out quite high, using the Flex Belt to augment and maximize the results of their current workout regimens. In fact, if you push yourself to increase the intensity you may find that your abs will be sore the next day.

With multiple celebrity athletes endorsing this machine it comes as no surprise that the makers of the Flex Belt are confident enough to support the device with both a 2-year extended warranty and a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Only companies that make high-quality products can stand behind them in this way. Click here to read what famous athletes and other every-day individuals have to say on the official Flex Belt website.
The Flex Belt is becoming popular for a number of reasons, one of which is the prevalence of the concerns it addresses. We all know how many people are intent on reshaping their bodies, toning and strengthening their muscles, and simply regaining the figures they once had. Eating nutritiously, remaining fit regularly, and reducing stress are all important factors in this pursuit. However, we must also remember that many of us have hectic schedules, physical limitations, and other concerns, each of which the passive toning technology of the Flex Belt deals with handily. This is especially true given the design of the Flex Belt. With a lightweight and breathable material and a truly discreet size and shape, the Flex Belt gives users the chance to wear the apparatus at just about any time of day under their clothing, toning their bodies while going about their normal tasks. In the process they will be replicating the results of a major clinical trial that showed that participants experienced a 49% increase in strength and a 72% increase in abdominal endurance….and 100% reported a more toned, tight and firm stomach. This comprehensive clinical trial was conducted by Dr. John Porcari who happens to be the leading authority in studying EMS toning devices….he has conducted more than 20 large clinical trials and 2 of them were with The Flex Belt.

Pricing is a concern that many individuals share, and rightly so. Money does not grow on trees and when shopping for an abdominal toning device, consumers will find products that cost much less than the Flex Belt’s $199.99 price tag as well as many that cost much more than that. However, what they will not find any other products that are as effective, convenient or as well supported by research and the manufacturer’s 60-day money back guarantee. Plus, with a considerable 25% discount for multiple purchases, the Flex Belt ends up being a great deal:

1 Flex Belt = $199.99
2 Flex Belts = $349.00 (a $50 savings)
3 Flex Belts = $499.99 (a $100 savings)
4 Flex Belts = $649.99 (a $150 savings)

That means that you and your friends or loved ones can take advantage of the wonderful 60-day money back guarantee and 2-year extended replacement warranty, either by sharing a purchase or by you buying multiple devices and giving them out as gifts.

Click Here to visit the official Flex Belt Website to Learn More.
Website in Focus
Many consumers care a great deal about how a product’s official website is designed and what it has to offer. In this regard the Flex Belt also proves to come out on top. The official site, www.theflexbelt.com, is a wonderful website that features truly worthwhile information, thousands of customer testimonials and celebrity endorsements, and the comments of health and fashion professionals alike. Check out what Super Model, Actress and America’s Next Top Model Winner, Adrianne Curry has to say about The Belt.

Of course, the official Flex Belt website (or authorized re-seller such as our store) is the best place to order this device, especially since when you do so you’ll receive complimentary bonus materials and a 60-day money back guarantee.
• Proven to provide real results for 100% of participants in a comprehensive clinical trial
• The first of its kind to receive FDA clearance for toning, strengthening and firming the abdominal muscles
• Backed by an incredible 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
• Worthwhile for everyone including new moms, busy executives and fitness enthusiasts
• Truly convenient technology offers toning benefits at almost any place and time
• Endless consumer testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and positive comments from health professionals
• 2-year warranty
• The all-important 60-day money back guarantee policy is only available to customers who purchase via the Flex Belt through the official website our here in our store www.theflexbelt.com. Returns and other claims cannot be made with other vendors such as Amazon or Ebay.
Final Thoughts
We know that some aspects of healthy living and stomach toning are going to take effort, time, and motivation no matter what. No one can eat healthy for you and no one can simply be fit for you. However, when it comes to focusing on a particular muscle group in order to promote real toning, flattening, and strengthening results, a product such as the Flex Belt, with its incredible patented EMS technology, we feel - can really save people time, energy and money. As consumers everywhere seek to make the most of these resources, which are often limited, they cannot help but consider how the Flex Belt can be a perfect fit to their efforts. If you are one of these individuals, please do not wait any longer. Visit the official website today and read more about the Flex Belt, its effective approach, and incredible 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee...and get yours ordered asap.

Click here to check out the Flex Belt today – you won’t be disappointed .

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117 Responses to “TheFlexBelt”

May_Bea7: I am So ready to lose this stomach fat and get fit again after eating waaay too much :) whose dieting and what are you doing? I am so not doing Atkins but I know I shoul cut out white foods. ug. LOL

Karrie W.: Man that flex belt sounds GOOD!!! How long until you loose the stomach fat miss diet?

Anonymous: yeah Atkins isn’t my kind of diet either, too strict and who wants to eat meat all day? not me. I bet if you just start eating less carbs you would see some stomach fat go way. The Flex belt looks to be mostly for toning abs muscles which i think is for me.

belinda J: have not started a stomach fat diet yet but have been thinking of the Abs diet, bcs it sorta seems like it makes sense. also been reading different ab machine and ab belt reviews. I like the sound of simplicity of the Flex belt over teh Ab circlp Pro but still want to know more.

Frank77: The chick from the ab circle pro is HOT though! Is flex belt more for chicks are for dudes?

Hailey R.: On the Flex belt video I watched, yeah I saw some pretty hot men AND women using it. I mean, these people had ZERO STOMACH FAT & that’s my goal, with whatever abdominal toner works best.

Anonymous: Id say some COMBO OF a stomach fat diet and using the flex belt can get you there -but you have to want it and WORK! ITS NOT ESAY but results RULZ!

SAm: Well you would’NT see the stomach fat, it would be hidden behind the flex belt :)

devonrexLOVER: I am reading of various stomach fat diet which include no carbs and lots of good protein, LIKE. So I can try this and a flex belt and I am doing PIlates. Yeah, I sem crazy but I am so ready to feel sexy and confident!

Dolores: South beach is a great one for ppl who want to get rid of stomach fat. HEy question : where do you keep the remote attached to the flex belt when you run? in your hand?

chip: running with the flex belt sounds like great stomach fat burning exercises & cardio all in one. sure can’t get that with an ab roller. btw, does no carbs = no beer??

HILLARY: a flex belt could be a proper slution but that is, if I change my eating habits. I love chees eand bread and wine and I knwo a losing stomach fat diet is going to mean a lot more whole green foods a lot more water and not eating my faves. can I do it? is it worth it? id ont want to be heavy. I am starting to really feel it and i want to live a long good life and feel pretty like I used to be!

TheoD: YOu guys are smart to think about food. I wonder what the test subjects for the Flex Belt ate. Did you all read where it says 100% of them noticded some kind of firming or reduction in stomach fat with this toning belt, that’s pretty cool.

Adam E.: ummm sso can you use an abdominal toning belt while running/walking?

Dancer: Hey yeah, u didn’t watch the flex belt video? ppl doeverything while getting their stomach fat workout, my kind of workout.

SoapOperaDIva: EXACTLY, they say they do anything while wearng the fLex belt. Could sit& watch soaps & fold laundry while getting in a stomach fat workout at the same time. Multitasking at its BEST.

ShawnaKelly: I always thought a Stomach fat workout had to involves crunches ans situps which SUCK – now I knoew more and am learning about flex and other belts which is exciting because I love technology and plan to use it to my advantage. YESS

CJ: I guess that’s why flex belt is more expensive than the Ab Roller…still need to think about it.

Joshua L.: yeah but can’t do obliques with the ab roller can you? I know you can with flex belt but how about the ab rocket?

Anonymous: Is Malibu pilates a stomach fat workout> Or is it for tonng up the core? I am very confused!

GGG: how does the flex belt compare to the vibro belt i seen that online for cheap & seems alright for stomach fat too.

Susan&Greg: What are you all suddenly talking about, other ab belts, an ab rocket and ab roller wheel, i mean yeah there are tons of other gadgets, just do a google comparison search, i bet you find somethng. I thnk this seems liek one of the higher quality products but, it all depends on what your looking for i guess.

William_K: Not too familiar with the spec on vibro belt but that thing is huge! I think that’s why i don’t know too much about it, i really like simplicity of the design in the flex belt. I need to learn more about EMS though….can you burn stomach fat too?

Jennifer: Yeah pretty much just tyring to pick the best device to help me get a flat stomach and hopefully loose the stomach fat. These are the ones I’m thinking???
1-Ab rocket
2-Flex belt
3-ab circle pro
4-ab contour belt

What you all think? THX!

DAVID: I SAY 5-Stomach Fat Diet!!!!!! :)

christine K: LOL stomach fat diet! that’s not so nice. but i think he has a point whatever you choose you gotta eat well. i’m leaning towards an abs belt, still not sure the diffrence btwn flex belt and ab contour belt.

Anonymous: the flex belt for me seems like I would use it most often, but I think the ab rocket looks very interesting also for stomach fat exercises. I am torn – cause I cant get both but I need both desperately. UG!

Jessica: The flex belt or the ab contour belt!! Would need to read soem ab belt reviews to compare. Def not ab roller, my back is a mess!

Linds: Well the Ab Rocket does not seem as portable, which is cool if you mostly do your stomach fat workout at home. But if you travel & wanna keep consistent, seems like a Flex belt or other REAL DEAL abdominal toner might make more sense.

Stan H: HEy I like the ab roller. SIMPLE AND CHEAP. ppl only complain when they get lazy about their stomach fat diet & workout routine.

upinHERE: this is crazy. I am just like so many of you, ready for weight loss unsure how to achive it. but I know a stomach fat diet is important. that and getting exercise.

Kenneth: dude i am not lazy!!! But i can think of better things to do than crunches!

GORDY99: What’s wrong with crunches? They may not be fun but they WoRK, the tried & true, never fail method for abdominal toner and getting rid of stomach fat. Seems like even this flex belt does some kind of simulated crunch motion.

allison: NEVER had an issue with stomach fat but this baby weight has GOT to go. HAve no time for anytiing else…

HElena: It could be really funto use a flex belt …especialyl if I saw results. but will I use this any more than the other equipment I dont use at hoime it looks cool but gosh, I need this to work. i am sick of being chubby I wna tto lose stomach fat NOW!

Joseph A.: So no one voted for the ab rocket? i thought iT looked okay.

Carmen: SOmeone asked about the Flex belt vs Contour Ab belt, is that ab contour belt FDA cleared too, anyone know?

Robert: *****FYI Looks like you can compare the ab rocket and more ab stuff on the flex belt site. I don’t really need to now….*****

mrsmitchellwatson: well id on’t really know what i like yet. still trying to figure this all out, you know, you watch one infomercial & are like, wow that is the coolest hting ever, then you see another and go hmm. so,a flex belt or an ab coaster, pilates or yoga, maybe all a matter of personal preference.

Monica: Any one here think that crunches sucks???

Anonymous: I am going to have a small wasit this summer if I never get to eat pasta I DONT CARE



JAN: Well you don’t have to do crunches to get abs, pilates offers many exercises just for the core and/or of course you can use and ab belt too.

rachael Ann: can we compare malibu pilates to the flex belt? i love the long & lean look, does an ab belt tone the core muscles the same way????

Anonymous: WELL the malibu thing or not…there are all kinds of ab products and exercises & they can take long to do and Learn. I think consistency is key & right now thats my problem, :( I feel like the flex belt thingy looks good.

Louanne: I am pretty sure you can compare the spec btw malibu pilates and the flex belt online, just google compare….

SHEILA: but what BOUT a stomach fat diet?! cant I eat any chicken or wraps? or is it all salads and sit ups?! NOOOO LOl. I knwo there are other ways, but I wam ready to get serious. whats next?!

michelle: hey this site right here has a whole recipe section, maybe check there?

norma: yeah some of the newer devices do seem complicated adn pilates looks hard for beginners/ i don’t know i think i like the idea of an abs belt to just wear and not thnk about so much what your doing.

Jeremy F.: I think depends on how much stomach fat you have to loose. I would eat the salad and the chicken without the wrap if i had to loose a lot but i am sure a whole wheat wrap cannot be that bad but either wat exercising the abs with flex belt seems like the right think to do to me.

Number 9: I think the major difference btw contour ab Belt and flex belt is the batteries. flex belt is rechargeable i believe and contour abs uses 4 AAA batteries or something like that. Oh and the design is different too.


EricaHill: I hope to get progress by using a flex belt – or another belt – still researching but this seems like it has the technology? to help lose stomach fat so you dont have to do a thousand crunches or go to the gym, which I loathe.

Anonymous: Oh, THx! good to know, rechargeable seems way easier than dealing with AAAs. If all else is equal, the flex belt might be the abs belt for me.

Mark: What exactly is a stomach fat diet?! I am so new to all this but I must say the ab belts make it look easier than it used to be to loose stomach fat.

sunnydays09: I just read 150 crunches per session, how long is a flex belt session?

Linda Miller: think i read one flex belt session is like around 30 min. about how long it takes me to prep dinner. :)

BK64: pretty sure I’ve NEVER done 150 crunches at one time, what does it feel like with the flex belt compared to usig an ab roller?

Mike: THINKING THE FLEX BELT cause I dont wanna do a stomach fat diet – I WANNA EAT CAKE!!!

Paula: Who doesn’t want to eat cake seriously? I think I think I rather have no stomach fat and a nicer boy friend!!!!

AllanMS6: You have to get serious about stomach fat diet and fitness. I am already going tot he gym but plans to step it up and take it to the next level with an ab belt. a really good one. which is why I am reading all available ab belt reviews.

Colleen: Can you do crunches while wearing one of the sauna belts?

michele H: please ppl, let’s not talk about cake in the middle of my stomach fat diet!!!!! i wanna forget about the junk food and focus on toning my abs,with either an ab rocket or a b belt like the flex belt. just have to find the one i can stay committed to.

Robert Jasper: Think something like the ab FLex is gonna get the ab muscles toned best, go running if you r loooking for stomach fat burning exercises, a little ol ab belt won’t be enuff.


WIlliam: What kind if diet are you doing? Must be hard because you sound pretty frustrated!!

Tania: will the flex belt make me more FLEXIBLE?Q?Q?Q

Justin: Well i bet you are trying to sound funny but it’s actually a good question because i believe the more muscle strength you have the more flexible you will be. From what i understand the flex belt is supposed to strengthen your abs muscle.

kendra harrington: maybe if you do yoga with it on?

Samantha: Nah, my yoga time is just for yoga, i don’t want to do anything else while my body meditates! I can barely stand it when ppl talk during class!! I would use the flex belt while running to doing laundry though.

lil_randie: yeah that s a good idea. i like yoga too for the quiet & peace of mind. but if the flex belt is making ab muscles stronger then, yeah, using it at different times might be beneficial for gaining strength in the core & flexiblity too. I’ve heard that its better to work out different muscles groups on different days, and to also mix things up periodically, for optimum results. is that what muscle confusion is, anyone know?

Leslie: I don’t consider yoga to be for fitness, i don’t get all the fuss around it!! I think it’s just an excuse for people to wear their fancy lululemon clothes!!! gimme a break!!! – If i had a flex belt, i would most likely use it when I am NOT working out.

Anonymous: Well you are just silly! I just read that Jessica Biel practices yoga and that’s why she looks hot!!! I am not saying that’s all u have to do but that and a good stomach fat diet sounds like a great combo to me!!

Jaime: I would try PIlates or malibu pilates not yoga, not for me,. i like fun exercises with music and dancing but I also like to try a flex belt or another belt that workes solely the abs cause I want a flat stOMach for once. I have t cut out carbs – now.

Mike: Well it’s not because you like one thing that you have to hate everything else! I am not married to situps and crunches i like my stomach fat burning exercises but i am also open to the idea of an ab belt like flex belt or even the contour Ab belt!

Veronica Clarkson: AN open minded man, that’s what i like to see :)


HS: Sorry this may upset a lot of people, but a lot of stomach fat is NOT sexy, male or female. EVER.

Paula: I am so sick of stomach fat – but I love to eat! esp butter and chees.e so… I need either a flex belt or a machine that is very portable and compact and easy to use. I am just not sure how to approach this diet thing just yet.

Big D: Ha, well that’s what the wife keeps saying. Figure its tome to look into some kind of abdominal toner, and an ab shocker seems sort of a no brainer. The FLex belt the same for men and women right?

huggytimeallthetime: yeah i saw that the flex belt is for both men and women. BTW from what i understand this is not a fat melter! it makes crunches happen and we all know crunches are good for ab toning not fat melting. :)

CHeeseLuvR: i don t like my belly rolls either. i hope the flex belt fits over my stomach fat.

Anonymous: Do you think it’s better to wait to loose stomach fat or can we start working out with an ab belt while dieting and loosing weight?

KAtherine: My metabolism is slowing way down, I need a stomach fat diet ASAP! Any ideas or inspiration?! How about low carb dieting with a flex belt? Anyone I mean really still go to the gym?! LOL :)

nina B: my thoughts, if u have to lose weight, dive right in. use toning belts, eat better, exercise more, lift weights, just do it. because, i think if you use a Flex belt for stomach fat burning exercises you’ll see your abs faster – BEATS DOING A FAT NADA.

Martha: The South Beach diet I’ve heard is suppose to be a good stomach fat diet, or there’s always Weight Watchers. And I would also say YES to the Flex belt ab toner.

Will: yeah south beach diet i hear is good. I am just scared of diets, i eat pretty well but now that i need to loose some fat, i am just thinking about if increasing my cardio and maybe ride my bike more…

Hannah: The Flex belt or the contour belt for stomach fat? I am ready to commit to a diet and exercise program BUt I want the best equipment and the one I will USE?!

mr_jimmy: think someone already asked about contour ab belt vs the flex belt, they seem really similar. i think the flex belt might be more convenient, with a rechargeable battery & all, plus, it seemsto have the best ratings.

S.H.Carter: QUESTION: do you still need to do crunches or situps once you have a six pack?


Adam S: Riding the bike more, great idea. What kind do you have?

deb b.: at the gym, i LOVE the elliptical machines or step classes. at home, dance videos are lots of fun. get creatiVe with your cardio & stomach fat burning exercises. Don’t give up!

Brian: i think the flex belt is about the same as crunches, everyone still has to do cardio. ITs not really a matter of one or the other. Its like, do cardio, but then do you want an ab roller or an ab belt. THAT’s what you got to think about.

Michael: YOu can walk, hike, ride your bike, do a zumba class……so many options, jogging is not the only cardiovascular exercise you know.

Kristen_May: ZUMBA IS A BLAST! MAYBE that + the Flex Belt = less stomach fat?

Kim: yeah I have read most ppl who are just starting with the flex belt start at the20-30 range, 99 sounds super intense! There are some videos on youtube.

Carolyn: Oh i didn’t know you could adjust the intensity. COOl.

Norm: Ok, so its between 20-30 then, good to know. ANd then how often do you start increasing, like every week, every few days, or less often?

Vanessa: This info is right on the flex belt site.

Anonymous: Hey do you all think the Flex Belt would make a good baby shower gift,or would that be insulting? I mean I think it looks like an excellent way to tone post-baby.

CHRIS: Well unless it;s your very best friend plus baby showers are gifts are for the baby not the mom right? :)


datsun_74: well like other people have said you should def find a cardio routine & stick to it, plus eat well. the south beach diet seems like a good one for stomach fat diet or maybe the abs diet, anythig that involves whole foods & complete meals i think is probly a wise choice, good luck!!!

Peter: HAHAHAHAH :) touche!!

Leslie A.: umm that’s if you can dance!! I took a zumba class one and made a fool of myself. I can’t dance for sh#t. NOw if i had an ab belt i would just walk with it! They say you can burn a lot by walking.

CaraYoung: OK so your saying that maybe walking IS a good enough cardio exercise? I think I could handle that. Does wearing a flex belt or any kind of ab toning belt make you SWEAT more??

Sally&James: OK well, tHis Flex belt sounds cool to do contractions for you & all but where can I FIND a b belt to MELT FAT???? THAT’s what I want!!!!!!

Janet: maybe the sauna belt or the belly burner? Not sure i works though. I think it more realistic to workout and eat well of you want to to get rid of fat.

gkdavidson: only think thats gonna really melt the stomach fat is to get off yur butt and do some hardcore cardio. we all wantto strap on an abs belt to melt away our sins but life just ain’t that easy, sry.

Austin_Jim: thi s thang looks like da b*mb!


Anonymous: Well, that’s just it – there ARe a lot of things to consider when it comes to weight loss and getting in shape. I would say, 45 min of cardio 3-4 days a week, plus some strenght training and ab toning, with an ab circle pro or a b belt, whatever you like, and really watch your simple sugar & carb intake, that right there will make a difference.

Norm: What’s the average setting for the FLex belt for a stomach fat workout? 1-150 seems like a real wide range, lots of room to work with.

Anonymous: Have seen some of these ab chairs at W*lm*art. ANything that involves sitting on the floor in a contracption or a chair thing or whatever and having to THINK about moving around and crunchin is out for me.


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