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Torso Tiger
Review Summary
The Torso Tiger is one of many stomach fat workout devices currently on the market. While fitness goals vary widely, many people want to have a leaner midsection. It seems abdominal fitness is often prized above other muscle groups. For this reason, the market seems to be flooded with stomach fat burning solutions. The Torso Tiger is one such solution, released as an option for tummy toning exercises at home. This device doesn’t seem to be available at the writing of this review, though that could change in the future. Currently, there are still several websites that carry information on the product without actually selling it.

The Torso Tiger is similar to many ab fitness products on the market. This device is designed to tighten and tone the abdominal region using resistance training. The user kneels on stationary knee pads and places their hands on the Torso Tiger. The machine rolls back and forth, away and back towards the knees as the user engages their stomach muscles to maintain control. According to former retailers, you can see the effects in only 5 minutes per day.

As stated, though the Torso Tiger is still displayed on several websites, most of these sites claim that the product it out of stock or discontinued. It seems that at last availability, the machine was selling for around $60. If the Torso Tiger returns to the market, it would likely be sold at a comparable price.

It seems as if the Torso Tiger was only sold through third party retailer websites and never had an official site. Instead, it was shown on sites that specialized in workout equipment and even stomach fat diet books and approaches. These sites often had a few paragraphs of information and even some consumer reviews. This information is still posted on several of these sites, suggesting the Torso Tiger may return to the market at some point.

Final Facts
The Torso Tiger is a piece of home fitness equipment specifically designed to tighten and tone the abdominal region. It was sold through a number of retailer websites; however, the device seems to have been discontinued at the writing of this review. Because several of these former retailers maintain their product pages for the Torso Tiger, it may very well return to the market at some point. This machine was made to tone the stomach. It does so using resistance training and bears some similarities to other ab rolling devices. The Torso Tiger was said to get the stomach toned in only 5 minutes a day. Some former retailers still maintain consumer reviews on the product, and some even feature material that make it appear as if it came from a television infomercial.

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11 Responses to “TorsoTiger”

Pat_Guilford: I have been looking for great ways to lose weight and tone up, Since I dont prefer the gym home equipment like the Torso Tiger could* be the solution I need to read mroe about ab belts and other gliders as well. but this is a good palce to start.

Samantha O.: Yeah Torso Tiger looks pretty cool but how does it feel on your knees? That’s the only thing that i am worried about. Hey what kind of diet do you do to get rid of stomach fat?

Ted: Torso Tiger’s another as seen on tv kind of stomach fat workout machine, but it sure looks like that ab wheel I saw for only about 15 bucks, and as for knees, what’s wrong with just using a towel if you need extra padding?

Marvin TK: diets are lame, just eat well!!

Anonymous: Stomach fat diet? No carbs, no alcohol, no sugar. And I’m thinking a cardio twister, might as well go for a whole body workout, not just abs like this Torso Tiger seems to hit.

patricia B: so what’s the closest thing to a torso tiger, an ab coaster? or ab rocket? i think some kin of abdominal toner would be a good addition to my stomach fat diet.

Al Cooper: Yeah, Torso Tiger seems kinda hard to find right now, and I need some stomach fat burning exercises NOW not later,maybe the ab coaster is a good idea, sure looks like it could do an ab number in a hurry.

Chris: Would like to find a Tiger Torso, I think there’s still some on ebay? Looks like a good way to get rid of stomach fat, like those resistance bands you can change out as you get stronger, it’s either that or ab rocket…

Adam Visser: the torso tiger looks alright, really think i like what i see about the flex belt though. the EMS tech seems like it could help strenghten the ab muscles pretty well.

Will: Toning and losing fat is what I am all abot right now, the best kind of ab belt is one yull use. not Sure I will use the tiger things wish I could give it ua try, firt.

Kathy_180: Boy, there are a lot of products and uspplements! its a good thing but I am ready to gt to wrk. the torso TIGER seems like I might forget to use it I need simple. simple is good. ab belt or roller coaster maybe?

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