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Torso Track 2
Review Summary
The Torso Track 2 is a workout machine endorsed and promoted by Suzanne Somers, who is best known for her many television roles and for also promoting the thigh master, another popular fitness device. The Torso Track 2 is a follow up to the original Torso Track. This machine is a little bit smaller. It is said to provide the same workout but to just be more lightweight and compact, which is said to be better for home use. We will take a closer look at the Torso Track 2 below to see how this fitness machine is meant to tone and sculpt the figure.

The Torso Track 2 was designed to provide a great workout for the abs and upper body. Some advertisements do claim that this machine is efficient at targeting and burning stomach fat, which is often the hardest fat to get rid of for good. The Torso Track 2 utilizes a simple gliding movement that is said to target all four areas of the abdominals at once: the upper abs, the middle abs, the lower abs, and the obliques. While gliding on this machine, it will not only work the abs but also engage the chest, shoulders, and back. The machine comes with four different levels of resistance, so that people of all fitness levels can get in a good stomach fat workout.

Currently, the Torso Track 2 sells for around $155. This is a more affordable price than the original Torso Track, which was closer to $200 per unit.

The Torso Track 2 is featured at a number of online retail websites at this time, and it is also sold via Suzanne Somers’ official website. This site notes that the Torso Track 2 weighs just 12 pounds, while the original was much heavier at 25 pounds. This machine is said to be more streamlined and more effective at providing quality stomach fat burning exercises. The Suzanne Somers website does state that people need to use this machine for just minutes a day in order to see results.

Final Facts
Fans of Suzanne Somers may be quite interested in the Torso Track 2. This machine is touted to utilize amazing fitness technology, offering one easy to do workout that allows users to sculpt and achieve both amazing abs and arms. Somers claims that this is the best ab machine she has ever used and that the device’s assisted movement was designed to guarantee perfect form every time it is used.

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10 Responses to “TorsoTrack2”

Amanda: I am interested in the Malibu Pilates machine – cause I read and saw good reviews – this also, the Torso Track 2 could help me build a better core and get my waist defined again. I feel likea blob 0 nothign but stomach fat!

Samuel: The Torso Track 2 sounds kind of cool. But I have ended up with machinery I dont use in the past – that I sell at a yard sale so I wan tto be be very sure that this burns stomach fat and gets you 6 pack abs

Karrie: Is the Torso Track 2 for men mostly? Looks hard from what i saw on video.

Ella_french759: I am still thinking about how to being there are so many good and bad options but readin about ab belts in reviews and comaring is always a start so i hope to see things about Torso Track 2 that are persuasive, one way or another…

Ben: Nah, it’s for woman too. It looks cool but i am wondering if i may not use an ab belt more than the Torso track 2? they both work the entire core i believe. What should i do?

Timmy: Torso Track could get me abs in a hurry seems like, but soome hard work! What’s a whole lot easier way to get a stomach fat workout, that’s what I want to know.

A.: well it’s a SUzanne Somers product so of course it’s for both men and women! I can only afford ab ab roller right now for my Stomach Fat Workout but will keep this torso track in mind.

Leah99: The Torso Track 2 looks like one heck of a work out and I bet it would be a good one but I think I have to get some kind of strength before I try something like this, it makes an ab circle pro look easy for stomach fat burning exercises!

Anonymous: good to know but I think I will read about more cardio ab twister.

Janine: Maybe it all depends on yor mood, if you really want some stomach fat burning exercises that you feel, mabye teh TOrso Track 2 is best. For busy or lazier days, Im all for a b belt like the FLex belt I keep hearing about. Sounds SO cool.

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