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Total Gym
Review Summary
The Total Gym is a complete home gym system. The company behind this product claims that the Total Gym actually sets the standards for fitness excellence. Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley both promote this machine, and each of them claim to have been using the Total Gym system for years now. The machine is advertised to tone the entire body and to assist users in sculpting and strengthening every major muscle group, making it a great potential addition to a stomach fat workout.

There are actually several different Total Gym models: Total Gym 2000, Total Gym 3000, and Total Gym XLS. Each Total Gym model is similar in that it was designed to take up limited floor space and to use your own body weight and gravity to exercise the body. The strength training that is done with this machine is said to have a cardio element, and the company claims that Total Gym workouts will boost the internal thermostat so that the body burns up calories and so that stomach fat is targeted, which is great for those who are on a stomach fat diet.

The Total Gym system uses resistance bands and a glide board. Users can increase resistance by boosting the incline of the glide board, which in turn increases the amount of body weight lifted in the exercises. The company notes that this machine is effective in working the upper body, lower body, and for providing stomach fat burning exercises.

The price of the Total Gym varies depending upon what model you purchase. The Total Gym XLS is the latest model, and it now costs $995, which is a 50% reduction off of its original price of $1999. The Total Gym 300 is also being sold at a discount price, and it now costs $849, a 23% reduction from its original price of $1098. Finally, the Total Gym 2000 now costs $599.40.

There is an official Total Gym product website. This site seems to be well organized, providing information on all of the Total Gym models. The site posts reviews from both consumers and celebrities who have given one of the Total Gyms a go. Also, this site is equipped with a checkout function, and it even allows people to sign up for a 30 day trial at a discount price.

Final Facts
An interesting fact about the Total Gym system is that it was originally made for rehabilitation centers, because the smooth, gliding motion is said to easy on the joints, and because the machine can accommodate all fitness levels. It was apparently Chuck Norris who helped bring this machine to the general fitness market, and Norris is not only a huge fan of the Total Gym but calls it his lean, mean exercise machine. Both Norris and Brinkley are said to use the Total Gym as their primary home fitness machine.

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8 Responses to “TotalGym”

Denise: Honestly, the total gym is more than I need or want for home us. i cam go to the gym for cardio and weigths, for exercising my abs at home I would refer a contour ab belt or something a little moer portable and focused on one aspect of fitness.:)

Patsy809: Do you think there are used Total Gym machines at Play it Again Sam because Christie Brinkley is so beautiful and I want to look just like her when I’m her age, and if she uses this for stomach fat exercises then it must be good. I also wonder what kind of diet she follows she looks so amazing.

Patrick: Great discounts prices on the Total Gym!! The XLS is the one that i like the best. I am ready for to look like Chuck Norris!!

charlee: just wanna know which total gym model is best for stomach fat burning exercises, or do i need the ab flex or a b belt fot tat area..

ADam: The Total Gym looks cool but I need to work on ab fitness and getting 6 pack abs so for now maybe I need more of an ab belt?

Rebecca199: So this is more for men> i dont think the Total Gym seems as easy to use an ab belt does.

G.: Chuck Norris is funny!!! :)

Geralynn: Life is short, and this article saved vaulalbe time on this Earth.

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