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Tummy Belt
Review Summary
Stomach Fat is a hot button topic these days, with many Americans falling on the wrong side of the line when it comes to having a healthy fat to muscle ratio. This often leads consumers to look for ways to accelerate core toning and slimming. There are ab machines, like the Ab Toner, which allows users to do crunches more effectively and safely. But if youíre here, you most likely want to know about the Tummy Belt, which was designed to provide users with a sauna like affect that reportedly melts fat away by increasing fat burning and reducing water weight. The Tummy Belt is sold on some of the leading retail sites, where itís one of the more inexpensive core trainers. Wondering how it works? Letís check it out.

The Tummy Belt was originally designed to be worn under or over your clothing during an aerobically charged stomach fat workout or even during a resistance based workout. But, according to its developer, you can also wear it during your chores to get in a quick core training session. The Tummy Belt is made out of neoprene, which retains heat, and according to its developer, this super heating increases metabolic function in the core, which in turn reduces belly fat. Reportedly, its sauna like affect also allows users to reduce excess water weight, which can be a bonus for individuals who are looking to get rid of those pesky ďlast few poundsĒ obscuring their midsection.

The Tummy Belt offers a one size fits all approach, and it can be adjusted using the Velcro fastener to suit any waistline or hipline. Itís also designed to withstand the wear and tear of a hardcore workout, and itís machine washable.

As we mentioned above, the Tummy Belt†is rather inexpensive, and itís typical list price at this time is $9.99.

When you visit the sites that carry the Tummy Belt, youíll likely realize that itís clearly designed to be used during a series of stomach fat burning exercises. But youíll also discover that due to its supportive features and its ability to retain heat, it can provide users with increasing back support and relieving back pain. These sites also let you see what the Tummy Belt looks like when itís on, so you have a better idea of how it will fit into your workout once you get it home.

Final Facts
The Tummy Belt†offers users a simple, yet effective, solution to belly fat and excess water weight. Itís available in blue and was designed to be used by men and women, no matter what their size or their fitness level. As we saw above, the Tummy Belt can be used during a full aerobic workout or resistance training session, but you can also wear it under your clothing to increase back support and ease back pain.

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21 Responses to “TummyBelt”

Jane: Loving this idea of wearing a Tummy Belt while I do some cardio like turbo jams perhaps to reduce stomach fat while I burn calories. Love this ab belt hope it works.

Edwin: Just any tummy belt might not do but tthe one I read about in an ab belt reviews says its less than ten so that is awesome!

Sarah: SO if you want to burn fat with the tummy belt, you have to wear it while doing a stomach fat workout ? is that correct?

Anonymous: a exrcise dvd wit this tummy belt might work ok to get a stomach fat workout but could be crunces could still be the best.

Madison: Is the tummy belt the bellt burner?

Phil: Tummy Belt is for chicks or lazy guys, not sombody tough like me who wants a six pack and is planning on going to the gym soon to get rid of stomach fat.

Henry9: Not geting good ab belt reviews is not a good sign for the tummy belt if it wont reduce my stomach fat I cant waste time on it.

Randy: Using it in conunction with otehr exercise is the only thing I think they suggest that might make it good but maybe I should check out other abs belts with better tech.

James: Maybe i have better change of getting a flat stomach with the ab circle pro? i like the idea of yummy belt but it doesn’t tone abs which is most important to me.

Anonymous: do you really think a tummy belt is going to get rid of the stomach fat for you???????? wake up people!!!!!! and go to the gym!

Sabrina13: So tummy belt is kinda like rubber spanx? I dunno, if it makes me luk thin whn I put it on it mite be ok and wuldnt take so long as as stomach fat workout thinks like cardio twister which is way to much $$ anyhoo.

Eric: well i truly believe that if you follow the instructruction o of the tummy belt and wear it while doing stomach fat burning exercises, you will loose fat!

horseloverMary: Tummy belt mite be ok for a backsuppot but thats about it, for stomach fat why not just quit eating so mcuh?

RT: JEEZ You pepes can talk a lot no wonder ur fat use that jaw power fro crunches, tummy belt or not!

2cool4u: hahahaha! tummy belt! as if!!!!!!

Leigh: No way, dont’ do a crash diet that is the WORST kind of stomach fat diet! try eating more lean protein, less fat & carbs & lots of whole grains & omega 3s! A tummy belt or any kind of a b belt is not the only solution!

JoelSC: Inexcpenscve ins’t eveything when ur tring to get a good stomach fat burning exercises routine!

Anonymous: See now, that makes sense, I like the idea of wearing a tummy belt during a stomach fat workout, to really BURN more fat. But the review says it works while you do house chores? I dunno, one of those ab shocker, ems ab belts, kinda makes more sense for that, since they like, CONTRACT your muscles. This just heats up the core, right?

normanS: what i think is, the tummy belt is cheap anda ll, but kinda waste of money. soemthing like the flex Belt,s eems smarter, to me cuz it GIVES you ab toning and a stomach fat workout.

IanBaum: Still, being read for anything I think its time to step it up and try an ab rocket and get on a stomach fat burning diet riping it up and gerring super fit!

Xandy: Always the best content from these pordigiuos writers.

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