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Urban Rebounding
Review Summary
The Urban Rebounding system is advertised to be an extreme metabolic training workout that will produce insane results. This exercise program was designed to be performed at home and is promoted as a high fat burning option. The creator of this program promises that it will produce real, significant, fast results and that users who give this program a try will not be disappointed. The system is said to target muscles groups in the entire body and to help people lose fat from all over, including troublesome, stubborn stomach fat.

The Urban Rebounding exercise system was created by JB Berns, who is touted to be a fitness expert. This system is reported to be unique in that it actually comes with a small trampoline that has a built in stabilizing bar. The trampoline is the center of the Urban Rebounding system, but the program also comes with some resistance bands and workout DVDs. Currently, the program comes with a DVD equipped with 13 different workouts. Some of the workouts are said to offer effective stomach fat burning exercises, and some of them are said to focus on other areas of the body. In total, these 13 workouts were designed to not only provide a complete body workout but to also show people how to utilize the Urban Rebounding system to get in shape and see results.

The Urban Rebounding system sells for just under $120 from the official company website. However, there are some other online retail stores that offer a slight discount on this price. Though, it does not appear that these sites come with the exact same workout DVD options.

We do want to point out that the company site now sells an additional 20 workout Urban Rebounding videos for an additional $60. Purchasing these workouts are said to keep people challenged and to ensure continual progress and results. It is also a way to help people stay motivated and interested in the program. The company website, as a whole, seems to be quite informative and displays information about how the Urban Rebounding works. It also posts a video of JB Berns, the creator, explaining the benefits of this workout system.

Final Facts
Ultimately, the Urban Rebounding is said to be the perfect choice for those people who want to get in shape and drop the pounds. Currently, orders of this system also come with a free Getting Started DVD, a free workout calendar, and a free stomach fat diet planner. According to the company, these extras are meant to help users of the Urban Rebounding system see more significant and quicker results.

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14 Responses to “UrbanRebounding”

Kellie: Urban Rebounding looks like so much fun! does it come with stomach fat burning exercises by any chance?

Anonymous: well i am sure a stomach fat workout is included with the 13 workout dvds that come with Urban Rebounding. i would hope so. what do you guys think for ab coaster for abs though?

Debz: Sorta think the ab Circle Pro looks better for abs. Urban Rebounding for cardio, tho,all the way!

Becky: yeah and we all know that cardio is the best way to burn calories. Can you use the urban rebounding at home? or do you have to have a back yard?

MELTON: Seems like using the Urban Rebounding system to help target stomach fat and get the heart rate up, would be easier on the joints than a treadmill or running on the pavement. Looks fun too.

Jeanette: I checked and i think Urban Rebounding may be big for my place :( so i am thinking maybe i should start jogging again and maybe get an abdominal toning belt to wear when i run to work on abs at the same time. All i would need then is a good stomach fat diet. Maybe south beach?

Trace E: That mini tramp looks small enough for a living room or basement, I think, as long as you have high ceilings :) Plus how would you follow the Urban REbounding workout DVDS outside/

Jeanette: I am sure you could.

BON_BON: OOh, wonder if I could wear the Flex Belt while using Urban Rebounding system, or would that be overkill…hmm…

maggs54: LOL brilliant idea, to wear a toning belt while jumping on the tramp! Though, IDK but seems like Urban Rebounding is an intense workout, even for stomach fat burning exercises.

rose: i never worked out in my life. i mean i walk and all but that’s all. I am so scared to get started but thought if i do, i want it to be fun. Urban rebounding looks like fun. I too need help in the bellt departement and would be nice to loose some stomach fat, would thsi be godo enough?

Allannah: Bummer, so I read that the Urban Rebounding SYstem is ‘not for beginners’ so should i start with the ab coaster then, and see where i’m at? i mostly wanta stomach fat workout.

Trent Goldsmith: ab rocket looks pretty cool for Stomach Fat burning exercises but urban Rebounding seems way more fun!

ANna: hey i saw some pretty yummy sounding recipes here on the site. ANyone tried the Wasabi fish Lunch ? sounds sooo good. I def wanna start eating better, i don’t think we can count 100% on a device like Urban Rebounding or ab rocket to get rid of all body and stomach fat for us. We need to change the wau we eat too. With that said they both sounds like cool machine. urban rebounding sounds like a lot of fun. I can pretend i am in cirque du soleil :)

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