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Valeo Sauna Suit
Review Summary
One popular fitness approach that has withstood the tests of time is to sweat off that fat. No, we’re not talking about logging those miles in on the treadmill; we’re talking about sweating caused by a sauna suit. This approach has been used for decades now by athletes and dieters alike when it comes to getting rid of excess water weight and stomach fat. One company that now makes sauna suits is Valeo. Below we will take a look at the Valeo Sauna Suit to see how it claims to assist people in losing weight.

The Valeo Sauna Suit is made from heavy duty vinyl, which can wipe clean with a damp cloth. This material will retain body sweat and cause users to sweat. Some people claim that products such as the Valeo Sauna Suit can increase the metabolism by increasing internal body temperature.

The Valeo Sauna Suit comes in two pieces: pants and a long sleeved top. The top is equipped with a 3 snap placket closure to make it easier to get in and out of. It also has a chest pocket and reflective striped sleeves. The pants have both elastic waist and cuffs for comfort. The Valeo Sauna Suit does come in the following combination sizes: Small and Medium, Large and XL, and XL and XXL. All of the sizes are said to be generously sized to allow for easy movement.

The Valeo Sauna Suit previously cost between $12.99 and $14.99, but now it can be found sold online for $8.99. In order to find the best price, consumers may want to shop around a bit.

There is no official Valeo Sauna Suit website, but this product is featured at a number of online retail websites, so it is quite easy to find information about this product. It is even possible to leave your own reviews on some of these sites, and potential consumers of this product may find it helpful to go and read these reviews to get a better idea about how this product performs in real life settings.

Final Facts
The makers of the Valeo Sauna Suit note that this product can be worn as people workout. This may increase the benefits and fat burning results of the workout. Again, the sauna suits are oftentimes advertised to help people trim the tummy, and some people may want to wear this suit while performing stomach fat burning exercises. Since the Valeo Sauna Suit is said to be generously sized, it may be fairly comfortable to wear during stomach fat workout routines.

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10 Responses to “ValeoSaunaSuit”

Gary: a garbage bag huh? hahah :)

Libby: This seems cheap and not that I know a lot but I think that the ab belts can be better for people who need to tone the stomach fat.

Sarah: Okay i am sure we can all agree that the Valeo Sauna Suit looks pretty ugly BUT i think the idea is genius! How much stomach fat or body fat can i loose with that?

Anonymous: The Valeo Sauna Suit is made out of heavy vinal you can wipe clean with a cloth? Well that’s a good thing, can you imagine how much yuou’d sweat in this kinda thing? But hey, this and a stomach fat diet might be just the ticket for some fast weight loss…

Andrew: Her’s what I want to know, how good can a Sauna Suit like Valeo is making be if it only costs 12 bucks? Might be better off spending some more money on something like an ab coaster, I don’t mind working out, just want to get rid of stomach fat.

JD: wow, the Valeo Sauna Suit is super cheap. I would absolutely consider this just to see if stomach fat loss if possivle and if I feel better after using the suit.

FredWTF: Isn’t any kind of sweating thing, like the Valeo Sauna Suit or the Sauna belt gonna only get rid of water weight? I need to find a way to get good stomach fat burning exercises, something that’s gonna make me look toned asap.

Faye: So you can’t take the VAleo Sauna suit to the dry cleaners? i bet the thing reeks when your done wth it! But if it helps to sweat off the pounds as you do your stomach fat burning exercises, sounds fabulous, and affordable to. End result better or equal to an ab belt or ab roller?

Olivia: I remember my older brother wearing a garbage bag under his clothes when he went running. I was little then and just thought he was nuts!!! Valeo Sauna Suit makes complete sense!!!

Anonymous: The Valeo Sauna Suit looks INSANE and I want one!!!!

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