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Velform Sauna Belt
Review Summary
Verseo is a developer of personal care products, including their Permanent Hair Removal System and eGlide Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Roller. In recent years they’ve also begun releasing specialized exercise systems, like Verseo Kegel Pelvic Muscle Thigh Exerciser, but perhaps the best known fitness product in their line up is the Velform Sauna Belt, which was designed to provide users with an exercise free way to get rid of stomach fat. According to Verseo, this ab trainer doesn’t require any exercise and can be worn during most activities. It has generated lots of questions from readers, so let’s take a look at its design and the technology used in its engineering to see exactly what it has to offer.

The Velform Sauna Belt is usually worn around the waist, but according to its developer, it can be used on other areas too, including the waist, hips, buns, and thighs. That said, once it’s on and turned on, it begins to generate heat, creating a sauna for the user’s problem areas. According to this developer, this affect can increase fat burning so that users lose inches in the area being super heated.

The Velform Sauna Belt was designed to be used alone or with a set of stomach fat burning exercises so that the core muscles under the fat are strengthened too. That said, water weight is an issue for many people, especially as they near their goal weight, and according to Verseo, the Velform Sauna Belt can actually sweat off water weight too.

The Velform Sauna Belt is a mid tier product when it comes to pricing, with a current list price of $49.99. But right now you can also find it on sale via some online retail sites for $28.53. Each Velform Sauna Belt kit includes an adjustable heat regulator, an instruction booklet, a stomach fat diet, and a tape measure.

While the Velform Sauna Belt doesn’t have a website of its own, it is thoroughly outlined on the retail sites that carry it, which not only post written information, but they often post multiple view photos and videos too. When you visit these sites you’ll discover that this is a compact and lightweight device that can be easily stored away when you’re not using it or taken on the road when you travel. These sites also highlight the fact that each unit is integrated with a microcomputer controller, which offers users an easy way to regulate speed, programming, and intensity levels.

Final Facts
Since the Velform Sauna Belt is an exercise free device, it can be worn around the house, so you can get a core toning session in while watching your favorite TV show, helping your kids do their homework, talking on the phone, or even while you go for a walk. Its developer suggests that it should be used for fifty minutes at a time and that users may well see results the first time they use it. Lastly, they also indicate due to its sauna like affect, it may flush out toxins and provide users with a higher level of relaxation.

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17 Responses to “VelformSaunaBelt”

TommyT: Velform Sauna Belt maybe gets rid of water weight that mite bee relly cool aftr a nite out wth the gys cause beer makes my stomich lok like a a wwetermelon.

Anonymous: Wuld likesomethin to swet of wait becuz that is anatch way to lose stomach fat not like somea those machines I ben see like cardio twister which looks NUTZ!

Sabrina: Velform Sauna Belt is pricey for me but if it’s a good stomach fat workout it couldbe I’m gonna go ahad with it becuz I cannot stand how I lok anymore.

amy: an Velform Sauna Belt looks wonderfull and I really wan tto get a hot bellt

Linda: 29 bucks pricey? the only cheaper thing you can get for abs is the ab roller and i think Velform Sauna Belt sounds like way more fun! :) but that’s just me.

Anonymous: Using a sauna belt seems inferiour to the ab belt which can employ pulses and vibrating technology so you can get a strong core.

Anonymous: LIKE THE EMS technology? I am curious about these abs belts too. Like the flex belt belt looks cool and easy but you can’t use it on your butt like velform sauna Belt.

steve: I thnk Velform Sauna Belt looks silly. I think doing crunches sucks. Do an ab rocket is maybe how I wil get flat abd and losing stomach fat and all that.

Eddie: Is teh Velform Sauna Belt mostly for chicks cause I got some kinda belly maybe I have to do a stomach fat diet first.

bmoresmith: yeah you can use a flex belt on yur butt its called the flex mini check it out on there site unless the Velform Sauna Belt can do the same thing I ‘m not interested in just getting rid of stomach fat I have other fields to conquer.

paul: Is Velform Sauna Belt for chicks mostly? Would be nice to get rid of my beer belly and all the stomach fat in top of it but maybe ab flex is better for that?

Cindy Worth: What could be better than being able to MELT stomach fat off, this Velform Sauna Belt sounds AWESOME!!!!

Chrissy: IT sounds like you can use the Velform Sauna Belt on more than just your abs. Even though I want to reduce stomach fat I also want to get a smaller bum and slimmer hips. So yeah. If its good yea!

Anonymous: Ok now heres a question, if you wear the VElform Sauna belt while NOT working out, do you STILL SWEAT? Not just in the stomach fat area but everywhere. JUst trying to figure out how this type of ab belt works, so far, looks as cool as the VIbro belt.

matt: Which is better velform Sauna Belt or belly burner?

Meaghan: What about an abs coaster for getting a good stomach workout because frankly my dears that’s sounding more effectie than this Velform Sauna Belt.

Beth: Does the belt get hot?can you control the temperature in Velform Sauna Belt?

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