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VibaBelt Massage Belt
Review Summary
Ab toning belts are now a popular way to get in a stomach fat workout even on your busiest of days. Many of these belts claim to do all of the work for you and to exercise the muscles even as you sit back and watch TV. There is quite the number of ab belts now on the market, but for the purpose of this review we shall take a look at the VibaBelt Massage Belt. This product was made a company called Kymaro, which now promotes and sells a number of fitness tools and weight loss aids.

The VibaBelt Massage Belt is largely promoted to assist with rest and relaxation. The company states that after a long, stressful day or a hard workout at the gym, the VibaBelt Massage Belt is great for soothing tired and strained muscles. The massage action of the belt is reportedly specifically balanced to ensure that it delivers an equal massage to both the right and left side of each muscle group. The massage benefits of this belt are said to help prevent aches and pains, to flush out toxins, and to also relieve stress.

The VibaBelt Massage Belt does not directly claim to target and eliminate stomach fat. As mentioned, there are many ab belts on the market that claim to provide people with easy stomach fat burning exercises. This belt appears to put more of an emphasis on the relaxation benefits of the massage.

The VibaBelt Massage Belt costs just under $100 at the time of this review. Orders of this belt come with the complete belt system and a free carrying case.

The VibaBelt Massage Belt is featured at the company website. This site posts photos of the different areas of the body that the VibaBelt Massage Belt can target. While the belt was developed to fit around the waist, it can be adjusted to also work on massaging the shoulders, back, arms, legs, and hips.

Final Facts
The makers of the VibaBelt Massage Belt claim that purchasing this belt is ultimately like having your own personal masseuse in your home. Again, this belt system was made to promote relaxation, and the company also states that it can help people loosen tight muscles and repair tired muscles. The makers of the VibaBelt Massage Belt state that athletes, in particular, tend to love this system when they want to prepare or repair the muscles before or after a tough workout.

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17 Responses to “VibaBeltMassageBelt”

montana_skies: oh, the VibaBelt massage belt sounds perfect for after a long run. is this thing gonna last for awhile, thats my only concern, you know with these as seen on tv gadgets.

Vicky: SO does VibaBelt Massage Belt do anything to help get rid of the stomach fat? or is it more the sauna belt that does that? Does it stimulates muscles like EMS tech ab belts? I know, lot of questions but i am want to get the best get a toned tummy.


K.Reed: It says right in the review, using VibaBelt Massage belt is not like getting a stomach fat workout. I think the EMS belts, like the FLex Belt, are better suited for that, from what I’ve read.

Vicky: thanks…oops didn’t read the whole review.

mrs fase: wel if i have to decide between vibabelt massage belt and an ab coaster, i think i go with the abdominal toner.

david n: it;s cool that you can use vibaBelt massage belt on so many differnt muscle groups. def doesn’t seem like any substitute for stomach fat burning exercises but so what, its its own thing.

Anonymous: Yeah the VibaBelt massage belt sure would be fun to use especially after a long run but i think a ab toning belt is what i need the most right. Too bad i can’t have it all.

Gabbi: The Vibabelt Massage Belt woudl definitely b e a splurge, and not sure I can do that right now. Will keep it on my list for later tho. BTW, whats a good stomach fat diet you all have done, I really need to start eating better.

Anna Lianna: Is the idea behind vibaBelt massage Belt, to have better muscle recovery after a workout? I like that. I think if i am gonna do a lot more stomach fat burning exercises, will be good to have something to ease the soreness. Maybe it will give me better miscles too :)

LaCey P: VibaBelt massage belt, not what i had in mind. GOtta read more abs belt reviews.

shopaholic003: well idk about a specific diet but there are some good recipes here on this stomach fat site. and you know they wuld only put heatlhy stuff here!!

CANDY: ViBABelt massage belt for muscle recovery, makes sense.

Anonymous: Oh yeah, sure could use a massage every night! vibaBelt massage belt sounds awesome, just wish it was a little cheaper but it’s not too bad.

marcus anderson: would like to know if vibabelt massage belt gives a real deep tissue massage, or is it light. anyone tried, just wat to know if its worht it.

Anonymous: I like thai massages :)

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