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Waist Trimmer
Review Summary
The Waist Trimmer developed by Valeo was designed with one purpose in mind: getting rid of stomach fat. This is a heat based ab belt that, according to its developer, can deliver users significant gains when it comes to slimming their waistline. The Waist Trimmer can be worn with or without clothing, and it can be used during a cardio session or while doing a series of stomach fat burning exercises. The Waist Trimmer weighs in at just eight ounces and measures eight inches wide, so itís lightweight enough to be used on the go and can be easily stored away.

The Waist Trimmer is constructed out of Neoprene, which is well known in the industry for its heat retaining abilities. The Waist Trimmer is most often used to super size heat in the core, but according to its developer, it can also be used on other problem areas too, including the hips, thighs, and arms. This heating affect reportedly increases fat burning, while also reducing water weight gain in the area. This feature can be helpful if youíre nearing your goal weight and need to get rid of those last few pounds or if you want to squeeze into a special dress. Their use of Neoprene also means that itís easy to clean; all you have to do is wash it and let it dry.

The Waist Trimmer is now selling on some of the best known retail and fitness sites for $9.99. Since itís a moderately priced core trainer, itís often used along with other adjuncts or even a stomach fat diet so that users can heighten results and maintain them for both the short and long term.

The Waist Trimmer doesnít have its own website, but that doesnít really matter, because many, if not most, of the retail sites that carry it provide their customers with lots of product related information. Right off the bat these sites let visitors know that itís slim enough to be worn under your clothing, which means you can wear it almost anywhere and during any activity, ranging from doing chores and watching TV to commuting or hanging out with your friendís. These sites also post pictures, so you can see what it looks like and how it fits into your fitness lifestyle, as well as providing access to its features and specs.

Final Facts
As we saw above, the Waist Trimmer uses heat to slim the core by reducing water weight and increasing fat burning. Its developer suggests that itís easy to use, and that you will see results rather quickly while using it. The Waist Trimmer is currently available through a network of retail sites, and visiting them can give you more information on this product. But the Waist Trimmer is also mentioned on consumer run rating and review sites, where you can read posts by actual users.

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11 Responses to “WaistTrimmer”

Carole: a waist trimmer plus a low cab stomach fat diet/ thats what I need…

argylesox: dont think mucha this waist trimmer belt to get rid of stomach fat, mihgt as well just wear a ace bandage aor somethin if yur only gonna sweat, think ab ab rocket is more like ti. if ur serrius.

Beavis: So the Waist trimmer is another tummy belt? just some neoprene to wrap around yur middle? Nope, want one a those EMS belts to help get rid of stomach fat, dont wnna exercise no more.

Alexi: Supposedly the Waist trimmer gets rids of stomach fat and its cheap. I am definitely going to do more eresearch about ab belt reviews and such but I am not that particualr and just want to g et started.

Anonymous: So the waist trimmer seems weird. to me. anyone else? I would rather use an EMS ab belt that moves!

JBradley: Whateber, I’l use anything for stomach fat that i dotn have to do sit ups to get flat abs and 6 pack muscles.

GerryH: Waist trimmer is OK in my book because I have no money and I need some help, I’m not to prud to use this in a stomach fat workout.

Anonymous: Yay for waist Trimmer !!!!! Booooooooo to crunches!

Jacko: don’t think the waist trimmer is weird it’s just somebody trying to make a buck ou of neoprene left over from who knows what can’t fault em for trying sos Im gonna have a look at an ab circle pro for getting rid of stomach fat, that seems like it could actually do some gud.

Anonymous: Waist trimmer might make your belly burnI dont want that!

Harley221: Waist trimmer is not a contender in my fite against stomach fat.

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